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Pies, Fish & Coffee back this week

Sunday 24th November, 10-2:30, Stroud Green School
Perth Rd opposite the faltering fullback
full listings at

Hi everyone!

Thank you as always for coming last week:

1) Wendi at the fish stall was delighted with the day and is back again this Sunday

2) the raffle raised nearly half the amount needed to put a roof on the stage

3) Rebecca (peanut butter) and Andy (Holy pizza) were both so busy that they are taking a week off to recuperate and will not be back until December.

On the other hand the Pie Station are with us again! (they were at a birthday party) as are Steve and Claudia of Kaffee Culture (they were at the Vet’s). Finally we’re expecting The Koji Fermentaria in one of their last appearances of the year.

See you there!

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