Feel free to add:

TOP CUVEE, BLACKSTOCK ROAD: https://www.topcuvee.com/ Open noon-7pm also does online delivery of provisions, meals and wine

BUT FIRST COFFEE, BY STROUD GREEN LIBRARY: https://www.facebook.com/ButFirstCoffee.London/. Open 8-1pm for takeaway coffee, pastries and bread, also for delivery via Facebook

DELI AT 80, SGR: @TheDeliAt80 Open till 3pm for takeaway coffee and provisions, now run by 'Seasons' Neil. One person in at a time

OAK WINE BAR, BY STATION. @OAK_N4 Wine delivery and also virtual wine tasting classes via Youtube.

SQUARES, FERME PARK ROAD https://www.facebook.com/squarespizzeria/

FARMERS MARKET: Info via its own thread here

Not sure if all usual places still operate via Deliveroo



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    German Doner Kebab operates through Deliveroo.
    Pappagone does take away but not sure if via phone/web. I saw a thread on another forum and customers are asking to support the business.
    I would hate it if they went under :(
  • I understand that Urban Native is also now delivering, though prioritising older and vulnerable people unable to shop in person, as they should.
  • Pappagone is on Deliveroo, Uber Eats or both. Had some fine pasta delivered the other day.
  • Where possible, one ought to collect from local takeaways rather than use Deliveroo, Uber etc, since they cost the restaurant a hefty commission. I believe it's as much as 20-30%.
  • Any idea if any of the other restaurants down Stroud Green Road are doing home delivery?
  • Tenmaru unfortunately is closed entirely, no collection or delivery available
  • Yeh, I saw the chef from Tenmaru walking around, frustrating as I'm sure a lot of people would order
  • Granny's Caribbean Takeaway is open and does delivery (through their own website, so no need to swindle them via Deliveroo) and also The Chippy is open, and you can either go in person or have one of the shark delivery companies do it for you.
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  • Sad to see Yak & Yeti have closed after a week or two of takeaway service. I hope they are OK and it's a business decision rather than illness. Are there ANY local Indians open?
  • I second fwiw (catchy username : ) admittedly it was a Sat night but we waited over 2 hours for a deliveroo a couple of weeks ago and as you say, collect and the restaurant makes much more.
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    Has anyone tried Dinner Dash on Crouch Hill. I think it has been open. Cats was doing take aways on Saturday evening.
  • Dinner Dash has been closed for at least a week.
  • Saw on FB that the Brave Sir Robin are going to be starting a local delivery service soon..
  • Yak & Yeti back open, (although apparently with new chef and on tonight's offering, not up to speed yet but fingers crossed will get back to their lovely standard soon).
    Also the new Vietnamese next door, which never opened in time, has now started offering takeaways.
  • Yaki Yeti have reduced the scope of the menu because of reduced staff. What we had last night was pretty closely to the original
  • Yak & Yeti looks like it's closed again for now.
    Same sign "until further notice" is back up.
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    Granary Thai Cafe has reopened for takeaway and deliveries.
  • Anyone know where you can buy fresh bread beans?
  • Blur Owl doing takeaway coffee
  • We have set up an online directory for small businesses who are still open in some capacity - here is the link for the ones around Stroud Green. Hope it's helpful :) feel free to add more! https://www.myvirtualneighbourhood.com/finsbury-park
  • If you fancy a birthday treat or just a treat, I can recommend afternoon tea from The Sugar Tea Rooms, Wood Green. They deliver a cream tea to you, sandwiches, scones and some cupcakes. We had the Victoria Sponge and Lemon Drizzle ones.
  • La Fabrica opening for delivery and collection from Friday..
  • Sign on Tollington's fish & chips says reopening 1st June.
  • Emba Soira, the Eritrean restaurant on Crouch Hill, does takeaway. We just had their vegan platter which fed two generously, with enough left over for a lighter lunch. Plenty of meat options too for those inclined. We tried Coqfighter (next to Brave Sir Robin) a few days ago too, awful name but tasty Korean style chicken burgers.

    Looks like Osteria Tufo opens on June 2. Hoping Tenmaru will follow suit...
  • Ace. Emba soira is excellent
  • Another wonderful takeaway from Granary Thai last night. Looking forward to having a sit-down meal there at some, hopefully not too distant point.
  • Granary is the best restaurant in SG for me, nothing like soothing a stressful day at work (oh the memories) by walking down the road for some real spice and a Chang beer.

    Not sure if you've tried the Laab Gai but it is absolutely awesome.
  • Granary is excellent. I haven't tried Emba Soira yet but really should. Our favourite is probably still Dotori for takeaway - their veg bento is just amazing (and about enough for two, especially when paired with something like a pancake to start).
  • I agree that Granary is superb. I adore Emba Soira too. Really hope both businesses survive this.
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