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My sister went to the post office (Stroud Green Road) today and said that it's closed (until Sunday 3rd May - according to Google) and had to make the short journey to the Seven Sisters branch to send off a parcel. I'm going to make the journey there myself tomorrow, does anyone know if they're operating reduced hours. Google has conflicting times - the hours are listed as 9-5.30 Mon to Sat, but a user has set times at 11-3.45 Mon to Fri. Can anyone shed some light?



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    This any use?

    "Due to unforeseen circumstances this branch is temporarily closed until further notice" at the time I posted this.

    Post Office website might be more reliable than what some unknown person has told Google.
  • True, I checked the same website earlier but didn't check the bottom and got worried. I have a parcel to collect at Stroud Green PO, that will most likely get sent to the Finsbury Park Branch. Can't collect from the depot either, but even trying to track the item has been difficult as it's with Parcelforce. Thanks @fwiw.
  • Your package may take longer than you expect.
    Myvoackages are taking between 10 days and three weeks. 1st and 2nd class postage isn't making any difference.
  • I understand what you mean @joust. I had to wait over 3 weeks for a letter delivered by the RM. The thing with this parcel is that it's supposed to be delivered to the SG PO but because it's closed Parcelforce can't actually deliver it. So they keep returning it to their C.London depot, it's the second time it's happened. They said they'll deliver it to another local post office, but they haven't said which one. There's no customer helpline, emails are answered too late and it's similar with Twitter. I would rather just go and collect it from their Camden depot tbh, which is only open to keyworkers at the moment. So I can't...I'll see what happens tomorrow.
  • We are only sending prints out by special delivery for exactly this reason, first class can take a long time atm
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    I had a signed-for small parcel take a month, so even special services are being impacted. Hopefully it’s better now though.
  • I had two parcels arrive five weeks late - the N4 postal service sees particularly bad just now although it’s never been good. The loss of the calling office back of Homebase was a real problem although the on line redirect has helped in normal times. Also the change of the main Finsbury Park branch from being a crown office another deterioration.
  • special delivery working fine, is not the same as signed for that is just normal first class.
  • Tried to post Package at Finsbury Park - queue halfway down Finsbury Park Road and the office not open well after advertised opening time - tried using UPS - package picked up from my doorstep no hassle.
  • An ever so slight volume difference
  • @libertyhall - The queue at the Seven Sister's branch (Finsbury Park) is crazy long. The Stroud Green Road branch is closed this week, but it was incorrectly advertised as opened when I looked on the PO website. It's probably changed to the right opening hours now. I also used UPS, they worked fine after Parcelforce's rubbish service. Told me that my parcel will be sent to another PO which was some fabricated story...and they ended up returning the parcel back to the sender. Tried to stop this, but attempting to contact them in real time was very challenging. Emails are answered a day late - which is understandable, pm's on Twitter answered by different advisors - so I ended up getting different outcomes and there's no way of speaking to someone over the phone. Never use Parcelforce!
  • I have recently used DHL. They picked up a day late, and delivered two days late, but an important small packet did arrive safely. Annoyingly you cannot phone them, but when I emailed I did get two helpful responses in quick succession, and the tracking online is pretty good. Under other circumstances their performance would hardly count as brilliant but just now I would be inclined to trust them with anything important.
  • What's the pricing lke Parcel Force Vs DHL Vs UPS
  • Not sure what the post office queue situation generally is, but the Hornsey Rise post office has now re-opened. Whisper it, but they tend to have a smaller queue than other post offices in area.
  • Any tips on which post office is quieter and what time of day?

    I've not had to go since the lockdown. But they've looked like bad queues.

    I'm guessing lunchtime and first thing in the morning might be busy... But am hoping some one has a tip
  • Archway is normally alright during the day, the queue at Crouchers has been totally painful.
  • Top tip. Thanks a lot
  • Hornsey road - (but you need to go super early) no queue
  • I was in the SGR one Saturday before last, mid-morning. It was pretty quiet.
  • Excellent. Thanks everyone
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