Local bike shops open during Covid-19 lockdown

Any folk have any idea which bike shops are still open at moment? Saw on Finsbury Park cycles Facebook page that they are open only by appointment. I normally use Clever Mikes but they are closed at moment.


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Micycle on Ferme Park Road is open
  • Clever Mike's are by appointment. I've tried most shops and they've been the best by far.
    On the subject of bikes, anyone got experience of using a local business to purchase a bike?
  • I bought mine from micycle and am very happy with it and the service I have received from them, I am not a serious cyclist though.
  • Dude at Micycle said they didn't sell bikes...
  • two wheels good in stoke newington is great, also sell bikes. Open 9-2.
  • Maybe they aren't selling bikes right now but my wife and I both bought our bikes from micycle. (I bought mine first and she got envious and copied me)
  • Yeh, sorry wasn't intended as a dig, just asked him as we were looking ourselves - went to fin park cycles in the end, but the quality of the 400£ bike we got is questionable. If you're ok going a bit further, east central cycles in clerkenwell know what they're doing and sell very good quality bikes.
  • The French sports chain Decathlon has UK shops; you can buy online and they will deliver. In our experience (including for bikes), they are great value, but you don't get the chance to go for a test ride.
  • In the end today I discovered Bikeztube, 118 Junction Road, halfway between Archway and Tufnell Park. V friendly and helpful, and had the parts I was looking for. Not entirely sure of their opening hours but they are open as normal at moment, albeit with only one customer at a time allowed in shop.
  • Huge queue outside micycle yesterday
  • Likewise with Finsbury Cycles yesterday. People ahead buying bikes, so a long wait - I aborted. They weren't open last Sunday when I tried to visit despite what the website says.
  • Saw that Clever Mike's are open again.
  • I went to Bike House in Kentish Town the other day, he wanted £85 for a pannier rack and the bags then start at £55.

    I said that I thought the masks were for covid not playing at being Dick Turpin and got one from Decathlon instead.

    On the flip side, Clever Mike continues to offer a great service and always responds to emails etc.
  • For Finsbury Park Cycles you have to ring to make an appointment. Then you can be in the fast queue to the left of the shop. They were very good looking over my bicycle. I like them but yes, bicycles are selling fast.
  • Any recommendations for top of the range bike locks and how to get your bike security marked? Asking for a relative who has just acquired a £1K+ carbon racer which will last about 5 minutes fixed to a lamp post here.
  • joustjoust N4
    edited May 2020
    Yeah. Don't leave that locked up outside ever
  • Haha, never! Always indoors on the wall or maybe at the best in a bike lockup - but even they are dangerous
  • I've got mine on the balcony, complete ball ache but better than shelling out - I heard we were getting some bike vouchers at some point
  • Doesn't matter how good your lock is. If someone wants it they will have it. Never leave it outside or failing that, out of your sight.
  • For a normal about town/pub bike you just need to make it harder steal than the bike next to it.

    I use a good Kryptonite lock on the frame and back wheel. And a thick chain on the front wheel.

    But overall I think my bikes best defense is that the paint work is knackered and the handlebars are really poorly taped. It's a good bike. But looks as rough as arseholes

    Once on upper street I saw a bike that just had a length of tv coaxial cable plugged into itself as a lock. And I still don't know how to feel about it.
  • the smaller the lock the better - bike thieves work in pairs, lifting the bikes and turning them 180, using the frame to pop the lock off. Smaller the lock, the less they can use the frame as a lever against it.
  • I've got sent a video with someone using an axle grinder to get a bike free in Dalston - needless to say the passers by weren't of much help
  • As ive said on here before mine was stolen from within a bike locker with two decent locks on. Wasn't an amazing bike but much better than the rust buckets in the same locker. A
  • I once used a high grade saw (not an axle grinder) to spend an hour sawing through a lock on my bike in Canary Wharf. Needless to say nobody challenged me.
  • Is anyone aware if there's any projects in area which collect 2nd hand kids' bikes? Got a bike that our little one has grown out of that's now surplus to requirements. I've heard of Peddle My Wheels though not aware of anyone else doing similar.
  • I'd recommend posting on https://www.harringayonline.com/ - on the free section - and donate it to a neighbour.
  • Try this several of our kids bikes went here. https://thebikeproject.co.uk/
  • micycle accepts kids' bikes, which they then give away to people who want them, and charge only for whatever work needs doing. I got my son's bike there; it needed new brake cables and pedals, which they did and I paid for (a reasonable sum, I thought), but the bike itself was free.
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