Aggressive Tree Cutting on Oakfield

So this morning two of the plane trees on Oakfield are being trimmed - by trimmed I mean all the branches being sliced off aggressively - usually the plane trees are trimmed down a lot, but these two seem a bit extreme. Is this normal?


  • I passed ut and it looked like the whole thing was being felled?
  • That's a massive shame. Maybe they're ill or something - I hope they will be replanted anyway, I don't think haringey have been doing that recently, I've seen a few spots filled with tarmac instead
  • Thus did this to one of the planes on Ferme Park Rd, without felling it entirely. I'm guessing that weaknesses were identified in the branches so they've given it a hard pollarding.
  • Yeah probably just pollarding. People often get shocked when they see it done
  • Plane trees in particular need hardcore pollarding - the council often gets their money's worth and cut right back but they are tough trees, as it were.
  • Opposite my work in Westminster there's a pocket park with a number of unpollarded plane trees in them. They are much taller than my four-story Victorian office. Plane trees are also know to drop branches occasionally. I sometimes imagine what would happen if London street planes weren't pollarded - a lot of expensive roof work I'd imagine.

    More locally, there are some gloriously unpollarded planes on Mount View Road opposite the reservoir.
  • It should be noted that the spring is not the correct time for pollarding trees. They should be done in the winter, before they grow leaves. The council’s own policy on pollarding says that these types of trees should be done once every three years. However certainly on my street it’s much more haphazard, often every year and often in the spring as now.
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