Victorian Butcher on Hornsey Road

That historic butcher’s shop is for sale as a two bed flat. Nice to see some recent photographs of the interior. I think it’s been used for film and photo shoots? Gorgeous tiles, listed and incredibly impractical, what’s not to like?


  • Great to see this,! I used to live two doors down and only ever got a glimpse in!
  • I've been in as part of open house and the room didn't have any furniture then?
  • I agree, @MMF : Beautiful kitchen but utterly impractical. I like the tile work, but there are no counter-level powerpoints for kitchen appliances, and no cabinets for storage (but all that lovely tile!) Th space under the marble counters could have bern for storage, but they’re just blocked with more (on one side, exquisite) tile. Is there space even for a fridge-freezer (that wouldn’t hide some tile?) Below-ground (viewless) bedrooms with low ceilings will be horrible in gloomy weather (unless you close your eyes and meditate on the tiles in the kitchen. Probably a security nightmare with the front door right on the street (nightmares while in a gloomy bedroom that there's someone upstairs stealing all that lovely tile.)
  • It may have changed owners but when I went there was no furniture. If I recall, the owner said the room wasn't used for anything at all? Presumably that means there's another kitchen.
  • When I went in Open London there was an American living there who obviously loved the place and looked after it for its historic charm. I think he lived upstairs. I took squillions of photographs.
  • I wonder what's happening upstairs?
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