Market Reopens Tomorrow

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Please please come!
haringey honey, pie station, bread by bike, strawbs & asparagus etc etc etc all back again in the stroud green school playground.


  • Are you limiting numbers?
  • yes, it'll be about 40 at a time in the big playground but we'll play it "by eye"
  • I'm confused as to why Johnson has announced outdoor markets can open from June but SG market opened yesterday?
  • It's because they've got a stall doing eye tests
  • I'm not too fussed, the stallholders need money to feed themselves and everyone was social distancing properly - the same can't be said for all the nobs who still don't know what two meters looks like, or that non essential travel to Durham is off the cards
  • funnily enough stroud green was one of only a few London farmers markets to close at all, almost all the others being street markets closed by the councils. I suppose it's because the farmers are selling "essential" items ie food. To shop in a large space in the open air could be healthier than in a little shop - as long as people don't enjoy themselves too much!
  • So the markets can reopen refers to ones that sell non-residential items. Yours could stay open because it sold food?
  • I mean, we are lucky that it's reopen, but it's much healthier being at the SG Market as Ned says, compared to a cramped corner shop or even the local sainos or Tesco.
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