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market newsletter this sunday 7th

Hi everyone,

cooler and fresher and more hungry-making this weather! I hope you are enjoying it.

Here is Natalino's "wine of the week": the newly imported FUN COOL.

"an incredible red to serve refrigerated – fresh and extremely easy to drink – it is the wine of our grand-parents – it is beautiful – 1 liter format just like the old times".

...and here is the list of stalls for this sunday's market. Best wishes to all!

Brambletyre Organic Farms (new stall with wonderful produce! Mushrooms, eggs, apple & pear juice, salads and greens)

Sara Nyborg's Danish Bakery (amazing variety of authentic rye bread & cinnamon buns)

Yorwarth's Fish (Pre-orders only for fish: ring 01323 899484) by Friday midday)

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

A taste of the good life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs)

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat (direct from the producers)

Old Chapel Fudge Company (trad hand-made all-butter tablet)

Mokaya Brownies (hand made & award-winning using fine dark chocolate) sold at the good life

Haringey & Islington Honey

Marco's Italian Cheese & cured meat (preorder by emailing

Brevevita Wines (Natural & organic wine from the small producers of Marche & Abruzzo)

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic produce from around the world)

Kaffee Culture (hot coffee and freshly roasted bags of beans)

Olea (organic olives from small farms across Europe)

Pao Pickles (kimchi, kraut, sriracha etc etc)

Luke's Cider
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