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Parkland Walk - drainage issue at Highgate end

Like many others we've been making good use of the Parkland Walk these days, though trying to avoid the busiest times to maintain social distancing. One of our pet annoyances though has been the very muddy section about 200-300 metres before the end. Whatever the weather and despite the very dry Spring we've had, it is always wet and muddy in this section, presumably from a stream or water leak, making it nigh on impossible to successfully combine avoiding getting muddy whilst maintaining social distancing.

Does anyone know if Haringey Council and/or Parkland Friends Group have any plans to sort this bit out?


  • Hi N19 I'm glad you've raised this because I commute on the parkland walk and keep meaning to raise this. It is actually linked to rain and it's not there all year round although I agree it seemed ridiculous it was still there after the weather we had. I've tried to work out what causes it and I can only assume it is coming from the drainage of those buildings up to the left but I'm really not sure. A tip though, if you want to avoid it, you can exit just before the muddy part and then walk on the road to the Boogaloo, it's not that much of a diversion.
  • I suggest you ask the Friends of the Parkland Walk - I think, though not sure, that some sort of solution might be in hand?
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