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Adult Social Care petition. Pls read

Hi all;

I received an email from Sarah James, Haringey's Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, regarding the underfunding of Adult Social Care.  

This is what she had to say.  Please don't ignore it.  It's not just about older people either.  It's also about the frail and the disabled.  Please sign for an older parent.  We will all be there some day.  Please click on the link and have a read. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the chronic underfunding of Adult Social Care after more than ten years of austerity.

Adult Social Care has been on the frontline of the response to Covid-19 and we are calling on the government to fully fund it. You can sign the petition at - .

It would be great if you could also promote this petition in your own networks and on social media.

Thanks and best wishes,


James Cowling
Haringey Over 50s committee member   
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