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Home Brew

Anyone do a bit of home-brewing? Or are most people put off from a terrible experience from a late 80s kit from Boots?

At one point last month homebrew kits were as hard to come by as toilet paper and flour.

Lockdown madness has led me to dismantle a fridge and use the elements to build a minibar out of wood and insulation boards with two beer taps on top. (Angry wife)


  • edited June 2020
    Got any pics @joust?

    I've got all the kit to make wine from scratch but have never actually got round to it, I am going to make apple wine at first to keep it simple but would really love to brew a stout or coffee porter...
  • I'll upload some later on.

    Brewing a dark beer like that is lots of fun. Chucking in espresso and stuff to to see what happens.

    I've got a dark beer on at the moment that's more bitter than normal and has a very hoppy smell and is about 7.8%. It feels more like a Christmas time beer, really.
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