Tesco opening hours

I haven't been in Tesco or any supermarket for three months. I just hauled myself over to Tesco and it was closed. CLOSED. CLOSED AT 6.50PM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. I thought shops were supposed to be open again.

Does anyone know what the hours are now?

I need gin. Thank you.


  • The bigger one on the high street is open 7am while 11pm (except Sunday)
    Which did you go to?
  • Big Tesco. It's possible I may have misunderstood the queuing system (or lack of it). Nobody queuing, doors closed, guard inside waving me away.....what does that signal?.......perhaps I should have stood there and waited, but it was exactly like it is when it closes for the night and they lock the doors and dont let you in. Hate supermarkets.
  • Think of it less of a 2019 shop and more of a shite 90s nightclub. You've got to wait and see if the bouncer is ready to let you in.
  • But really. If you can go off peak, do so.
    Lunch time or weekends are hard work and depressingly slow
  • While we've been trying to get most food online, or from Urban Native and others, I've had to go into Tesco a couple of times and it has been awful - they let too many people in, and half those who are there completely ignore the one-way system, and seem unaware that there are distancing recommendations in place. If you need to go, go early in the morning - it's pretty empty. I've never much liked Sainsburys (at the end near the Old Dairy), but the staff there have been much better in how they manage people. Again, the mornings have been much better (no queues)
  • The security guard at sainsburys is a legend.
  • Is he back? I haven't seen him since the security gates were put in place
  • Security gates? I'm talking about the one by Hanley Road.
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