Old Dairy & Stapleton

There is no indication that either pub is opening any time soon. I don't support pubs reopening right now, and won't be going myself any time soon, but it would be awful if either or both of these pubs were to close permanently. Any info?


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    The chains / pubcos are opening pubs in batches, I would imagine pubs with gardens first, also i guess it makes stock control easier.

    Someone also told me it's to do with rent reductions due to being closed.
  • Any reports on how "Independence Day" ("Share The Virus Day") went down at the White Lion or elsewhere yesterday? I heard large crowds of Yoofs were gathering on SGR from Friday. The White Lion is quite responsibly managed but I bet they struggled not to revert to Wetherspoons status. Mayhem or what? You wont be seeing me inside a pub till this thing is proper over.
  • Me neither, but then again, I'm not young or single any more! People need to unwind and if it's now or at the end of the year, the threat of another outbreak is the same.
  • True that and I don't blame people, but I just won"t be joining them, and with all those oven-ready coronavirus cases now roaming the streets I will be wearing a mask and social distancing more than ever.
  • I went into a pub that shall remain nameless and raucous would be putting it mildly.

    The toilets were a total health hazard, I've genuinely never seen so many people in one toilet in my life, Pablo Escobar would be proud.
  • @HolbornFox Curious to know where...

    It's tough for the pubs - they have done all the training, put all the measures in place, but the customers have to do their bit too.

    @krappyrubsnif Can confirm that The White Lion was very well organised, not over-crowded, plenty of sanitiser and lots of visible cleaning/disinfecting. It hasn't been a Wetherspoons for years...
  • @CityOfSin not really fair to name it, not a lot they can do anyway when literally 20 blokes turn up and decide to get on it.

    They were non threatening anyway just very boisterous (they had also got the train down from a bit further out from what I heard them saying).

    In other news I saw 2 bouncers literally carry a guy from The Eaglet to the cab office by Crystals on Holloway Road, probably 1/4 of a mile, I couldn't believe it.
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