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Dramatic road traffic collision SGR

Did anyone see the dramatic car crash outside Jack's last night? Car heading north slammed sideways at speed into a 210 bus somehow, major incident, both vehicles wrecked, two casualties down, four fire engines, three ambulances, road closed. I live two streets away and I heard the crash. Word is - though I don't know the facts - that the driver was certainly speeding, on possibly the phone, lost control. Just what the NHS needs, though, and I hope no pedestrians or the bus driver were hurt. I expect when they're out of hospital they'll be boasting about it and spreading the virus in the pub. Idiots.


  • There's been a few recently - including one at the bottom of Oakfield which ended up with two broken walls (only one repaired so far) and a totalled car.
  • There's often crazy speeding up and down SGR, despite it supposedly being a 20mph area, and the mopeds rarely comply with that limit as well.
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