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Islington & People Friendly Streets

Hi All,

We are a group in Tollington Park who are interested in reducing the amount of through traffic in the Tollington and Upper Tollington Park area. There are lots of us and we are engaged in discussions with the Council.

We are aware that Upper Tollington Park, and the streets off it, receive a huge amount of traffic which is coming up Tollington Park from Islington headed for Green Lanes. In turn, a lot of traffic comes from Haringey via Green Lanes to Upper Tollington Park and then into Tollington Park. A survey of the roads in 2014 showed 5,000 cars per day in Tollington Park but this figure may be higher now. Lorries and HGVs also ignore the lorry bans and travel right through.

The Islington Commonplace Map shows the number of comments on Tollington Park about this subject. The comments cite pollution, noise, safety, vibration and a destructive effect on the community as issues. You can view the map at:

And you can see the Haringey comments for Upper Tollington Park at:

Are there any people in this group who live on the Haringey side of Stroud Green Road (which is the border) who are interested in joining our group? If there are please email us on: or call us on 07910 564 502 to talk about joining us.

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