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Noisy renovations


Resident of the Corbyn/Thorpedale/Evershot area here. There have been non-stop loud-ass renovation works going on for a long while now, and basically I'm sick of waking up and going to sleep with it. I realise the futility of complaining because the faster it's done the faster it's quiet. I'm posting on the long shot that anyone has any info on what's going on - is the end in sight any time soon?


  • We are doing renovations (Corbyn St) but they start after 8:30 and usually finish before 6, so hopefully that is not affecting your sleep. I agree that the noise is tiresome but I don't know what the alternative is. (We are basically finished by now). I think that 112 has been building a conservatory/back-room, and 116 moved in recently and are renovating.
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