Mon-Wed 50%

Does anyone know which restaurants in Stroud Green will offer the new discount?


  • Join the queue, already stuffed my face down by the canal in Islington and definitely booked in at Osteria Tufo this week.
  • I have noticed that in quite a few restaurants that all the staff are not wearing masks. I dont think I will be visiting them.
  • Yes I suppose it's conceivable that a waiter could be carrying the virus from one table of diners/drinkers to another. In my opinion much depends on the safety of the venue: open windows, doors, through-draught, how many other customers. I would only eat out in the open air if possible; preferably not indoors and absolutely never in a crowded room. What will we do in winter?
  • More pertinently, it's also conceivable that a waiter could have the virus themselves, asymptomatically.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    If your worried about a virus stay at home. Otherwise it's bullshit and people should be allowed to go to restaurants without worrying about masks.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Staff not wearing masks? What about all the customers? How are they going to eat food wearing a mask? There's no need for masks in a restaurant.
  • Grenners very gung ho and dangerous, hope you dont get it ! I noticed that the White Lion has a "safe" capacity of 95 which seemed quite a lot to me as it is not that big a pub.

    Just been in Greece and all restuarant staff wear masks, it is all outside dining, well spaced tables and very little physical contact with customers uisng things like clothes pegs to hand over the bill, if you input a pin into card machine instant disinfectent, tables wiped the minute you go.

    Petek seem to be the only one with 100% masks but could be wrong.

    In Haringey over the last week it has been 6 cases per 100k population 5 on the Islington side.

  • Where were you in Greece, Ali? I want to go to Greece very badly.
  • Kalamata, Sparti, Mystra Olympia, Tolo, Mycena. It is a holiday area mainly visited by Greeks who behave them selves, live in Athens and have holiday homes. You can fly from Stansted on Ryanair. The flights were pretty empty both ways
  • Olympia and Kalamata I've been too, not the rest yet. Mystra is definitely on the list - Byzantine delight.
  • I went to Mystra years ago, I still have the guidebook, we are both a lot older now, feels like about 2,000 years. Interesting place. Is it on the sea? I saw some spectacular and authentic off season plate smashing in a waterside taverna somewhere near there. Nice spot.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I've not been anywhere because I can't handle being asked for my personal details and being told to do this or that.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    Just noticed that E. Mono is on the list, and their only "seated" eating area is basically outdoors anyway (albeit beside a heavily trafficked bit of pavement), but that might be a good way for the risk averse to take advantage of the scheme.
  • I went to Wembley today and had a dose for £3. It was so tasty. Shame we don't have a good dose place round here
  • How much mild fraud do you think this scheme will create?

    If I'd been shutdown for a few months my restaurant would be at full capacity with cash paying customers all day everyday.
  • I've just come back from Osteria Tufo. I have to say full marks to Paola and her team for making it feel really safe. Ten or fifteen tables outside (a bit breezy tonight) with permission sought for three more on the pavement. All the waiting staff fully masked. Inside, just a few tables and a fan positioned so as to create a through draught. I felt completely safe outside. I don't think I would have felt so confident at Pappagone or the White Lion where crowds were milling around outside already at 7 o'clock, and these are not easily ventilated venues. Stay safe, SGers.
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    Small beer was busy when I drove past earlier, now that really is a small venue / hard place to socially distance.

    I was in the Shaftesbury last week, they have a great system going on, but also lucky to have the space I guess.
  • Lanseer has reopened this week, that has a lot of outside space and is quite big inside
  • The Alfred has also opened with more outside space.
  • Slightly surprised the Old Dairy is still shut, though I assume it's a parent company decision. Obviously no outside space, but due to the sheer size of the place it could be quite easy to work out safe distancing in there.
  • Small Beer was the first pub I went in to. They've taken out maybe 30% of the tables, and as they can open the whole front wall it's really well ventilated. Table-service only. They're doing a commendable job, and their beer list is as superb as ever.
  • +1 for Small Beer.

    It's a fantastic set up all round and the beer is awesome, especially when before / after a cheap bite in O's.

    I am quite new to the 'craft' scene, but now i am mad for it!

    True Craft in Tottenham is awesome as well, it's like Small Beer really but in a bigger premise, it is also directly run by the owners which is a really good thing in my eyes.
  • The Great Northern Railway Tavern in Hornsey is now brilliant in so many ways, not least the beer - over 20, considerable variety in styles, digital board that tells you all about them as well as printed menus.

    The Brave Sir Robin is also a major contender.
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    The GNRT has a spacious yard at the back partly covered, table service, one way system, greeter at the front, and good beer. I met friends there last week, first London pub. The only downside is that they ask for online booking, but they never got back to me to confirm.
  • You have to ask me before coming to my new neighbourhood Krappy.
  • It all seemed a bit down market to me.
  • Small Beer is brilliant, their cask range is superb (although the pizza was very poor the to had in there). Brave Sir Robin is a bit pricey and uninspiring choice wise. GNRT has great beer choice but prices are insane there. Still not been to True Craft but heard good things about their pizza. This all imo of course, I tend to head to breweries directly, Pressure Drop being a favourite. Southampton Arms is usually great if you fancy the walk/overground. Londis is brilliant for price and range for takeaway beers. Clapton Craft is decent a (bit) pricey but much better since the old manager left.
  • I love going to breweries. In the last year or so - mostly this year- a bunch have spring up in the warehouse district in Walthamstow directly east of the Lea, complementing the cluster on the Tottenham side. Wild Card, Exale, Signature, and now a branch of Trumans (though I wouldn't recommend the latter set-up, it's just benches in a former car-park).
  • Yeah I went to to those breweries on Sunday, actually! Exale was probably my favourite.
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