Community Gardening - The Green at Stroud Green- corner of Upper Tollington Park/Stroud Green Road

Hi, we are doing a community gardening session this Sunday 16th August at 2pm on the corner of Upper Tollington Park and Stroud Green Road (Osbourne rd/Charter Court). Please come and join us. We are clearing out all the weeds and have lots of donated plants to put in. We are petitioning Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey to pedestrianise this one way cut through to create a community garden, carbon capturing wall, wildflower corridor and outdoor space for the shops to safely encourage business whilst maintaining social distance. This will be our third gardening session. Please go to our instagram page @guardiansofstroudgreen and click on the link to our petition. We are trying to build backing for this to take to the council. We need their agreement and some funding and will fundraise the rest. Any help greatly received. Bring tools and enthusiasm and we will all be maintaining our distance while working as a team. Thanks Guardians of the Green


  • Morning all, we are moving our gardening session to 12 today to try and get as much done as possible before the rain. If you can make it, please come and help. We have loads of donated plants to put in today so strong arms and enthusiasm is needed. See you in a bit. Thanks Guardians of the Green x
  • What you're doing is awesome. Thank you!
  • We have another gardening session this Sunday 30th at 2pm. Please come and join or say hi! On your way past. X
  • Really sad to see the tree at the corner getting cut down today.
    Also sad that despite an initial positive response from Haringey Council and a promise of a trial of pedestrianisation, nothing has happened and they've not responded to further emails. This has been a missed opportunity while the weather was good and a real let down by those involved. As we move towards winter, there will be less interest and usage, although still worth doing as part of the necessary move towards persuading people out of their cars in the city generally.
  • We have another gardening session this Sunday 20th September at 2pm. Corner of Stroud Green Rd and Upper Tollington Park. Please come and join us. We will be in groups of six and maintaining social distancing. We think we will manage one more session after this one in October to plant bulbs etc before winter so please come and help or say hi. We are pushing for a meeting with Haringey council (who own the roads and pavements), Homes for Haringey (who own the flower beds), residents and local charities about the pedestrianisation of this cut through. There is a huge amount of support for this so we need to push both the council and HFH. Will keep you all posted as to when the meeting would be. All support welcome. The dead tree was cut down yesterday but so far the council don’t plant to plant another one as they say they can not afford to maintain it. We need people power and pressure to push the council to change this mind set. Budgets are tight every where but we need to priorities the planting and maintaining of trees, creation and care of green spaces and reducing pollution. Hope to see some of you tomorrow.
  • Sunday 11th October from 2pm.
    We are extremely excited about our very first
    Laying the ground work for the corner of Upper Tollingon Park/Stroud Green to explode into bloom in the the spring of 2021
    Come on over on the 11th of October from 14:00 onwards.
    Everyone can join and kids can get involved too!
    BYOB - Bring Your Own Bulbs!
    Please bring a bag of bulbs or even just a few..
    Donations are always welcome - compost or bulbs would be most helpful this time please.
    Do come & join, or just pop by & say Hi.
    We will be working in groups of 6 max. Do bring gloves & a mask if you choose.
    Look forward to seeing you all there!
    Guardians of the (Stroud) Green
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