Naked man on Parkland Walk

Heads up that we discovered a naked man engaging in...lewd public behaviour, shall we say, on the Parkalnd Walk yesterday, mid morning.

He was in the bushes about half way along the platformed area, on the right hand side as you look towards the Highgate end of the Walk.

We notified the police and they attended the scene, however the guy escaped.

Please keep your eyes out and report anything suspicious.


  • naked naked? He must have been quite cold.
  • Were there any goats in the vicinity?
  • when the chief whip comes to tell Churchill about some minister who’s disgraced himself on a park bench. Some Tory cabinet minister is caught on a park bench at 6 o’clock in the morning in February with a guardsman, which is a total disgrace. And obviously the party machine starts to think he’s got to resign and the news of this is brought to Churchill in his study in Chartwell. And he doesn’t turn around from his desk and the chief whip’s relating this unhappy event, and Churchill says after a long pause, “Do you mean to say that so and so was caught with a guardsman?” “Yes, prime minister.” “On a park bench?” “Yes.” “At 6 o’clock in the morning?” “Yeah, that’s right.” “In this weather?” “Yes, prime minster.” “By God, man, it makes you proud to be British.”
  • Chortle chortle, lots of laughs, but yes.



    Pants around his ankles and displaying his evident pleasure at the passers by.

    By all means, lets indulge in our proclivities, but not in front of folk who aren't consenting to them.
  • Wrist slapped. Quite right. It's that time of year and PW has form for these weirdos.
  • A friend of mine saw a Man doing something similar on Parkland walk a month ago - he did get nabbed by the Cops and is being taken to Court - presumably they would have just given him a warning if it was the first time. At least Winters on the way so hopefully there is less chance of more nakedness on PW
  • Where are nettles and brambles when you need them?
    I enjoyed the Churchill story, but the reality of this particular situation is actually pretty horrible.
  • @krappyrubsnif: "It's that time of year..."

    This made me bark with laughter. Didn't know there was a season for this sort of deviance!

    Jokes aside, this is grim and would definitely put me off doing that walk alone. Hope anyone that witnesses it reports it.
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