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2nd Success! Street Lighting on Stapleton Hall Road, N4.

2nd Success! Street Lighting on Stapleton Hall Road, N4... Have been changed.

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"so have been 2 years of complaining (numerous talks & emails) to Haringey Council, ASB team, Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Councillors.

About poor lights, crime & making the area feel unsafe, to become greener & climate change, saving money & road & cyclist safety.

Unbelieve! but worth every penny with numerous different people involved from Highway Dept of Haringey Council to maintenance team at night on ground at 1am to meet them."

Finally got the other side sorted! Hope everyone can benefit from the new lower heighted 'white' LED lights!

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On going: Homes for Haringey estates (stroud green ward)

Next: Stroud Green Ward.

Personal Update: I want to say I'm also filing almost 50-75 reports a week or 2 weeks from utilities, road & pedestrians issues, poles, graffiti, flying tipping and anything else that's a miss. Really doing my level best make our ward clean and safe. I really care about & looking after this area. (If you do see me please say hi or help if you can too.)
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