The Archway Tavern

This once great boozer is finally open again, I'm surprised I didn't see anything on social media or elsewhere, has anyone been in?

I very much doubt if Cheekos will be reopening, if anyone else remembers that great institution / abomination then you're as old as me (too bloody old).


  • So glad to see it properly open! Popped in briefly and the place looks great. Staff did a good job with sanitising, table service etc. I don't drink beer but there seemed a good range of stuff brewed locally (Hammerton, Two Tribes, Muswell Hillbilly etc), plus a cider brewed on Holloway Road. Who knew?

    Not sure if the place has a kitchen or not, but they have a guy doing paella this weekend from 12.30pm. And if you miss that, Crudough (opposite) and 500 (2 mins walk) are both excellent.
  • Umbrella Brewery is situated in a little yard behind The Crown, the cider is lovely.

    Never heard of Muswell Hillbilly brewery but that's refreshingly full circle if the AT sell the beer, what a branding opportunity.

    Archway is screaming out for a Southampton Arms / Jolly Butchers type beer pub, if they did big cheap pizzas during the week and had food trucks at the weekend it would be a goldmine.
  • Totally. Navigator Square is perfect for food trucks - though it might clash with the market on Saturdays? Unless they teamed up and allowed you to bring street food into the pub, like you can at Chapel Market.

    I did notice there was only a handful of wines on offer - wondering if they'll expand the selection later on or whether they're doing the beer thing and letting St John's Tavern do the wine.
  • I've never been in but I remember someone who shared a house with me saying he did acid there and he got edgy. He was edgy not nice guy so it was no wonder. This was in the early 90s, long before Covid, gentrification. Archway Tavern was the wild west. Not saying it was better, just different times.
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    What do you mean by the term edgy?

    That and the Nags Head were definitely wild west, but so was Upper Street back then.
  • edgy means on tenter hooks

  • @HolbornFox They must have heard us. Boom, food truck.

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