Whole Nutmeg

Anyone have any idea where I buy whole nutmegs around here? All the usual suspects dont seem to have them?


  • Not something I usually have a problem getting. If your need is urgent I can give you one; otherwise I have an online shop booked for Tuesday and they have in stock - happy to order you some.
  • Do nutmeg go off? I have some about 5 years old, if not older.
  • Thanks for the offers of help but I found some in the organic shop at the top end of SGR.
  • Hi krappy. I don't think spices go off but they do lose flavour and potency. Whole spices probably less than ground, but still...
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    Careful with that spice Eugene. In sufficient quantities nutmeg can have rather interesting effects. Although i suspect the of custard tarts needed would be extreme. I’ve had some in my spice lair for 20 odd years an they grate wonderfully. An essential garum masala ingredient. The chemistry is interesting...
  • Bizarrely I used some the other day that has to be 10 years old, it was really bitter but then I realised that I don't really know how it should taste.

    I've been pickling things by "real" ingredients for a couple of years, it's fascinating.
  • Ali, you realise you have started a run on nutmeg. Worse than bogroll.
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