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harvest festival this sunday

Special things include

(1) huge perry court farm heritage apple stand
(2) live juice pressing and tasting
(3) free gig by the ukulele ska collective (same guys as played last year's harvest and winter fairs)
(4) special tastings & presentations : cheese, wine, cider etc
(5) GYO microgreens workshops through the day
(6) 30-35 stalls selling produce, craft, hot food & drink

We are lucky to have a large playground and we know there'll be space for everyone but of course we will be limiting numbers (one in/one out) to ensure that once in you can enjoy your time without worries. Please do wear your masks: they may not be legally required outside but will be appreciated by others. We're going to have a great , great time! so we may as well be as safe as possible.⁠

List of stalls etc found at

See you all there!

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