Free Saturday Weekend Guardians (paper) to give away



  • Is he not more likely to be eating organic lamb?
  • Anyway, the upshot is that next time I won't try to give the Guardian away, instead I'll sacrificially burn it :-)
  • I think that may release stored carbon into the atmosphere!
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    The words 'will', 'probably' and 'maybe' are doing an enormous amount of work in that post grenners.

    'Danger!' made me laugh though.
  • KRS, don't despair. We note your generosity. It's all given rise to a very interesting debate. But you could do a KLF style sacrifificial burning. Headline: 'Generous offer of Guardian from one of its Gate keepers goes up in smoke. Who should we Bill?'
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I'd sooner go vegetarian than eat Bill Gates` synthetic meat.
  • Krappy why don't you read the Guardian electronically?
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    I do. But I get the paper edition once a week on Saturdays for the reviews, essays, recipes and other guff and it lies around all week waiting to be picked up and read. I never bother with the news so I use that to light the fire. I'm old fashioned I guess. Also I get eye fatigue and headaches from reading my phone screen all day, my laptop all evening and watching rubbish on TV, its madness, so it's a nice change. Why torture yourself?
  • Accidently dripping orange marmalade is much more fun with a real paper than a screen. We do the same and get the weekend editions as a tradition and part of the weekend. I guess it must also help keep folks employed in the suppliy chain. The New European is worth a read it has really good writers and an oustanding arts section.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    New European! @((#£)*0#!!
  • @Arkady we have switched definitively to smokeless fuel for the occasional burn ( and we needed it last week). Now I'm waiting for someone to tell me that smokeless fuel is worse for the environment than coal because of the way its processed. Anyway, let's not go into my wife's green credentials (*sly face*).

    @Grenners I take the New European too, and I agree its arts, culture and books pages are outstanding, I don't bother with the rest.
  • The New European is peak North London ;) although I'd admit they do have some fair bits.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I've never heard of it before. Luckily I've only just found out about it after Brexit.
  • @Arkady the amount of philanthropy that Bill Gates engages in is to do with tax breaks, not his desire to give to good causes. I read an enlightening analysis by some economics expert that showed quite convincingly that were he to give a penny more or a penny less away, he would end up paying more tax. His motivation is to be the richest man on earth, not to help others.
  • Check out ByLine Times if you want something paper to read that won't rot your brain.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    OK that's a new one that I don't pretend to have never heard of. (Quick check to see if it's a prank and actually a railway magazine). Surely it's got some hidden agenda no? It's not funded by global psychopaths who want to influence my thinking?
  • No idea what his motivations are Rikki, just thing he's spending it on the right things.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    That's because his philanthropic PR machine and the globalist climate change agenda (Greta and Extinction etc) psyop are all funnelling through the orthodoxy media like the guardian nicely to made him look like some sort of saviour. You'll need a third shot of the vaccine he says.
  • It's called tax planning. Everybody does it. So he has money left over and gives to good causes. What else is he going to do with it? In any case, wise financial planning might mean he has *more* money to give away in future.

    You're all just jealous.
  • Sorry @Grenners but if you think XR and Greta are on the same team as Gates you're really not paying attention. Guardian yes, for sure.

    Meanwhile re BBC, when the government has actually been caught out as totally corrupt over PPE contracts during a pandemic, you might think that would be a story worth at least a little coverage, but no, they're standing outside a hospital for news of a bigoted old racist, and reporting without irony on how one son and daughter-in-law are being cut off, while the real dodgy son of the family is protected from paedophile inquiries. Give me strength.
  • With you on wrinkled Greeks and paedo princes Rikki, but who are your climate heroes and why?????
  • Can we maintain the distinction between 'jealous' and 'envious' on this forum please.
  • I am envious of your erudition @Arkady
  • XR are still all about handing the decisions over to sortitioned citizen's assemblies who are trained up to listen to a wide array of stakeholders before reaching consensus decisions. I think this is worth a try, and the process has had tremendous success wherever it's been tried so far.

    I'm not a fan of some of the characters in XR, but they're not advocating power to themselves, so that doesn't really concern me.

    Likewise, I'm not necessarily confident about some of the people around Greta Thunberg, but the simplicity of her spectrum-influenced viewpoint, that scientists are telling us the current plans re emissions and re land use and biodiversity will lead to rapid extinction this century, and that therefore we must stop emissions and change land use, is spot on.

    Whereas, Gates, Biden, central banks, and most of the media, continue to be beholden to the very greed or vested interests that have got us to this point, and so have an entirely different agenda - hence my earlier remark.
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