New brunch place/café on Stroud Green Road

More or less near the post office. Haa anybody been?


  • Have you a name for this place?
    Brick and Olive has been there a couple of years. Can't think of any others near Post Office - the only new thing is Salik's but that's a Pakistani curry takeaway mostly.
  • It's not Brick and Olive, it's further down towards Tesco. Cannot remember the name ...
    It's past Salik, from memory.
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    It's called Parle Kitchen and it's next to Morley's.
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    Ah yes, it's just past Tesco - basically a rebrand of the Mexicali, and they were still serving Mexican food but I guess are trying to pull in more daytime custom with the french name and coffee and cakes. Had a coffee there around Xmas week - was OK but nothing special. None of their cakes were vegan so couldn't try any of their window selection. Friendly folk serving. Will have to check it out again soon.
  • Salik is a Pakistani restaurant and take away. Any one tried it yet
  • I had a reasonable quite spicy dal from Salik.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    We had a couple of tikka wraps from Salik - the bread was freshly made in front of us, it was delicious
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    Strictly speaking not Stroud Green, but there is a stall in the Nags Head Market that bakes delicious naan breads!
  • Baban's Naan is great as well.
  • Looked in at Parle today for an eggs benedict and was reasonably impressed. Mrs K has also been separately and really liked it. No sign of the dreadful Mexicali vibe. I'll go again.
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