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Police letter, drugs and anti-social behaviour - Upper Tollington Park

Has anyone else in Stroud Green received a letter from the police asking for information about drug-related anti-social behaviour? The recent spike in drug dealing locally is being linked to the change in use (by Haringey) of a former old persons care home on UTP to a hostel for the homeless, including vulnerable users, and this is being exploited by dealers moving in to the area. Police acknowledge drug dealing on Stroud Green Road is rife. Police are meeting Haringey to discuss this on Wednesday. (This explains the very short deadline for replies, 48 hours, specified in the letter.)

According to information shared with me the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team is now really on the case and some action including possible evictions and court cases are on the cards, so I would encourage anyone with experiences of drug related incidents to share them by email with the police on before Wednesday. Police have given assurances that personal information will be kept confidential. There also seems to be the possibility of a public ward meeting with police on the issue within a month or so. So let us hope something may be happening.


  • At about 8.15am on Sunday I saw I guy who looked like he was a bit rough grab a crate of beer out of the Siansbury's and run off down the road. Security person was not on the door at the time as he was snooping in the shop at another dodgy looking perosn at the time. Think it was American Bud he nicked so he had no taste
  • A lot of drug deals go on on Blythwood Road by the gate to Parkland Walk too - daily troupe of addicts turn up waiting for their man.
  • @rikki Tell the cops using that email address. Otherwise they may not be aware. I don't think they read this discussion board. I really do think they are paying some attention at last. This household has been contacted by the police three times in a week, two different letters and a *phone call*. Is someone listening? We have been assured that as a matter of course everything is kept confidential, in line with GDPR compliance, I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • I never give the police the benefit of the doubt any more (I used to). Unfortunately it's become clear they're a lying, sexist, racist criminal gang who only ever turn out in numbers when there's a protest going on. Completely useless for any real crime that affects ordinary people rather than corporations. And I HAVE reported stuff in the past, and it's been pointless.
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