Visitor's car parking

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I realise it's a bit of a 1st world issue, but does anyone else find the method of paying for visitors car parking quite convoluted?

I've had a cleaner visiting for years and she tends to come at random times while I'm at work depending on her schedule. Sometimes she walks other times she drives. I used to just leave a pile of scratch cards out and she would take one if needed. She now has to ring me to tell me when she is coming so I can log in and input her registration number and activate a virtual ticket. I work in the NHS usually on a ward and so can't just stop and fiddle with my phone. I've have the same issue with tradesman who come round, other people at home can let them in, but it has to be me who has to log in and sort it out.

Just one more thing to get addled by in the day.


  • I agree, it's a pain when family visit and they arrive when we are not at home. Scrambling to activate the voucher on the phone is not easy. Apparently Haringey Council have received so many complaints about the online system that they have had to make parking scratch cards available again. I haven't tried to buy any myself yet, just read in on Harringay Online.
  • Oh glad it’s not just me. Thanks for the update
  • Who designs these useless systems? How can they not even consider these obvious real-world scenarios? Or does some council moron just say "it's online so it must be better".
  • This is plainly an 'improvement' which is the opposite - a failure. I spoke with one of the enforcement officers who agreed 100 per cent and told me that scratch cards (in a redesigned format) have come back and you can buy them online - though I havent tried yet. What's the betting the 'new format' will make it more difficult than it was before e.g. you will have to write in the vehicle number which may not always be possible. Duh!
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