Looking for a dentist

Hello, my son needs some dental work after an accident which knocked out/damaged some teeth. He had some initial work done just after it happened, but wasn't entirely happy with the dentist, then Covid hit and everything went on hold. After the gap (boom boom!) he became nervous about getting the work finished but has now reached the point where he really wants to get it done, but is at a bit of a loss as to where to start finding another dentist. Does anyone have any recommendations, or perhaps words of caution? All responses appreciated.


  • I use Torrance on Seven Sisters. The dentists are nice and seem to be plenty of appts available. Only caveat is they try to do the bare minimum at NHS prices, but i think that applies to pretty much all dentists these days.
  • I’ve been going to Nice Smile (next to Tesco on SGR) for 8 years. Always happy with my treatment there.
  • Thanks Scruffy, I have just come back from a check up. I am very impressed as the Dentist is delightful and really friendly. No push away from NHS treatment. Now have to see what the treatment is like when I get a filling and a clean. THere was plenty of advice on how to look after your teeth.
  • Thanks everyone, I'll pass those suggestions on to my son.
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