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Jamaican Olympic pavillion in Finsbury Park

edited February 2011 in Local discussion
Startling 2012 news just in!

Finsbury Park is to be the venue for a major Olympic entertainment pavilion and compound now that Haringey council have hired the space to the Jamaican Olympic organising committee. It will include music, food stalls etc, displays on Jamaican life, sporting events and training, and the standard( and some unusual) Caribbean attractions and stimulations. It is also likely to have a big screen so crowds can watch the games while enjoying the sunshine, and doubtless guzzling Red Stripe etc. There will also be a kids zone/creche.

The opening hours 10.00 to 22.00 Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 22.30 Sat and 11.00 to 21.00 Sundays mean SG can look forward to a long running party on our doorstep. I for one and looking forward to it and hope this news can be a springboard for other more local eg street sports and celebrations with involvement from schools, hairdressers etc. I would also hope there will be more of British feel or at least more widely international flavour to the overall SG events.( The Russian team are doing a similar thing at Marble Arch but planning permission is a problem. No such obstacles will present themselves in the leafy dells of FP.)

Unfortunately not all SG residents are as positive as me and the other sports mad Tollingtons . I told Hassan and Joyce who live in Lorne Road about this news and their faces dropped in unison and they both looked like thunder and Joyce was hissing when I left the pub. They say it will cause more litter, street urination and general noise. Honestly, what kill-joys some otherwise cheerful folk can be ! The fact these two are driving the Royal Wedding celebrations in Lorne Regis is a bit ironic (tho I admit that’s only one day and probably won’t have much reggae on the agenda.)

Worth keeping an eye on this one. It will be big. (Despite what miserable Dave is about to say)
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