The new Turkish restaurant on Stroud Green Road

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I went to try out the new Turkish restaurant YEMEK on Stroud green road and was left very happy with the service and food. Although it has recently opened it was very welcoming, the workers were all friendly, food exceptional and very good value for money. I would recommend all to experience the wide variety of tastes, which is offered at this quirky new Mediterranean restaurant.


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    Hello Ela,
    Welcome to the site.

    It's better if you say "I work at Yemek, it would be great if you came and tried our stuff. We're new and we work hard and we'd really like to see you".

    People can work out the real ones from the fake ones pretty easily.
  • ElaEla
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    I guess it's a shame on your part , as i do not work in the restaurant industry i am an estate agent. as for fake comments i do agree with you as the comments that i have read about yemek don't really make sense to me. The prices area cheaper than Petek and the food very good quality for the money that i paid. what more could someone want from eating out? If your someone like me and like to eat out and try new places rather than go to your closest take away then i think Yemek should be looked at in Finsbury park
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    So you did see that there was already a Yemek thread, and yet you started this one nonetheless? I can understand that some people might not think to check for a prior thread on a topic, but what possesses someone who knows about an extant thread to start a new one anyway? I'm genuinely curious.
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    Ela, somehow I can believe that you are an estate agent.
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    Spells like an estate agent.
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    Hey Ela,

    I might help if you hadn't posted a promotion as your very first and to date only post. It's not really how it works in reality and seems to be a sore topic on here right now too.

    Search a few MEDI posts to see an artist at work. He somehow gets away with it. A bit like Eboue, he keeps offending but it was so relentless he became a folk hero.

    The key I find, is to find a typographic hook. Maybe ALL CAPS, perhaps lots of exclamation marks absolutely fucking everywhere!!!!!

    I'd quite like someone though to take on some sort of pseudo algebraic punctuation <span style="display:inline-block;white-space: nowrap;">
    √<span style="text-decoration:overline;font-size:.9em;"> X + 1</span> = YEMEK
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    @Siolae Are they the spells that make a flat seem ten times bigger when you view it than it is when you actually live in it?
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