Pigeon poo's on Perth road.


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    Is there a prize for most alliterative post title?
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    Actually, as it's still elderberry season We could have had 'Purple Pigeon Poos on Perth Road'
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    I have recently complained to the council about the pigeon shit beneath the railway bridges. I thought I might as well complain to someone whose responsibility it is, rather than just generally complain/moan to the person next to me.

    I complained online to the street cleaning dept who emailed me saying that it was waste management's responsibility and they've passed it on. I haven't heard anything from WM.

    It's a complex issue - proofing the underside of the bridges might be pest control - the risk of being shat on is health and safety - but the shit on the floor being left uncleaned is surely street cleaning. Perhaps 'waste management' covers organic animal waste as well as human-generated waste.

    So probably nothing will happen.

    I used this old thread because it came up in the search results and I liked the title, particularly the possessive apostrophe.
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    @ Jenowl - just yesterday I decided that I must complain to somebody about the poo under the FP railway bridge, and plead that they clear it up. It makes me want to retch walking along there, especially when it's been raining. Could you please post the contact details you used? Sorry, I'm being lazy...but others might want to do the same, so could benefit the whole SG.org community!

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    MC, this is the text from the email: Unfortunately your query does not fall under our remit therefore we have passed on your query to Waste Management at Haringey Council who will be able to deal effectively with your complaint. Waste Management will contact you in due course with the appropriate action taken. --------------------------------------- So it seems that street cleaning is undertaken by Haringey Enterprise plc, while the council is responsible for the causes (in this case the pigeons). I suggest that we separately report the problem to the waste management dept. <http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/contact/report_a_problem.htm>;
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    I'm rather fond of pigeon, so from an urban fox point of view I'd prefer if they were left where they are. If however the council is looking for a good natural predator........
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    so the station is haringey, not islington area? the division is quite confusing then, as i walk past a big welcome to haringey' sign half way between stn and home :)
    well done for chasing the council :)
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    I'm pretty sure the boundary of Islington round there runs along SGR/Blackstock Road, so the station is most definitely Islington. (On the non-Islington side, the boundary between Haringey and Hackney in turn runs along Seven Sisters Road - so the park is most definitely Haringey.)

    So the Seven Sisters Road railway bridge is firmly in Islington - the SGR one spans the boundary between Islington and Haringey, with the boundary very probably runing down the middle of the road.

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    thats mind blowing on friday evening :) thanks
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    The pigeon poo is awful. I wish they would pigeon proof the bridge. The worst time was a couple of years ago when a dead pigoen hung from the beams for months and months. My kid (understandably) refused to walk down that side of the street. Thank you for complaining.
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    Just realised that it might be Network Rail's responsibility, as the problem is being caused by the underside of the bridges. Oh dear. I remember that pigeon carcass as well, it was very grim.
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    <b>Exciting pigeon poo update!</b>

    Yesterday I received an email in reply to my complaint (eight months after I emailed the council). At last some action is being taken! Anyone who wants to complain about the (growing) puddles of pigeon droppings under the FP/SGR railway bridge can contact the council officer.



    I am writing to you today regarding the problems associated with the constant accumulation of pigeon droppings on the public highway as a result of pigeons nesting at the above bridge.

    I have been in negotiation with Network Rail who unfortunately feels the area does not require pigeon proofing. They also claim they did not erect the inadequate pigeon proofing measures currently there.

    I am in disagreement with Network Rail and have insisted that the area is causing a problem to our residents. As a result an independent consultant has been hired by Network Rail to investigate and provide recommendations.

    Currently I am sending the consultant evidence including photographs and cleansing schedules and would like to send him copies of resident’s complaints to show the effect the bridge is having.

    If possible could I have your complaint in writing <b>and details of other complainants</b> so I can pass these on and ensure the bridge gets pigeon proofed sufficiently?

    If you need more information or have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me,

    Chris Georgiou, Tactical Enforcement Officer, Street Enforcement
    London Borough of Haringey
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    I like this forum.
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