Cry for help from a wi-fi fool

Hello - my internet is woefully slow and a BT speed test thing indicates it's OK at their end, and the problem is likely the wiring in our flat.  Usually it's a minor inconvenience but has suddenly become a major problem as my son has a lot of work to do which involves downloading a lot of films and it probably means he'll miss his deadline.  Today he went to the library, but not the solution as it'll be shut when he'll have to be working so I need to sort things out sharpish.  Can anyone recommend anyone local who does this sort of thing?  I really haven't a clue about it.  Any suggestions very welcome.<br>


  • you can go to any of the coffee shops who all have wifi. Costa, Starbucks, Vagabond etc. If you have virgin media or EE you can get free Wifi at Finsbury Park station before the station gates. 
  • Thanks Sutent, yes, that's a great idea.  But ideally I'd like to find someone who can come around with a magic screwdriver and get it all moving at the speed that BT says I should have. It's probably all very quick and simple to someone in that line of work - all I've got to do is find them!    <br>
  • Never used him myself but I know someone who thinks this person is wonderful and fixed her laptop when she had tried everything. I know it's not a laptop repair as such but may be worth a call to ask the question?
  • Ooh!  Who?  Who?  I suspect I've got the wrong microfilter or some such in the wrong place, so most likely easily identified by someone with a laptop fixing leaning.<br>
  • That's super - thanks very, very, very much Ilovegreyhounds.  I'll get hold of them asap.<br>
  • Thanks again Ilovegreyhounds - Marek came within the hour, was very thorough, did not laugh at my lack of knowledge, and did relevant tests to establish it was a BT problem.  He said the speed I'm getting is basically less than what was usual ten years ago.  So armed with the info I've got BT to come on Tuesday (could end up having to pay, but as long as it's fixed).  No wonder my son couldn't get going with his work.  So hopefully fixed on Tuesday, and he'll have to table hog in Costa until then.  A bit like an art installation - too tired to think of a witty title at the mo.  So I, too, think Marek is wonderful, even though it wasn't something he could fix, he was quick, efficient, thorough, and charged a very reasonable amount for his time.  <br>
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