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<p>I know I've posted a lot on here recently and I hope it's not getting irritating -- it's just so good to be able to talk to people about the area and get to ask questions in a way I hadn't had an opportunity to do beforehand.</p><p>Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Faros Bakery on the corner of Fonthill Road and Seven Sisters Road? I'm asking because I never ever see anybody in there - not once! How do they make money? Why do they continue? That's pretty good real estate they're sitting on especially given the current changes taking place in the area.....</p><p>It seems to be run by and elderly Greek woman but apart from that I know little about it. I'm curious to see if people have any stories. For those who have lived in the area a while, how long has it been there?</p><p>(For those who don't know what I'm talking about, it's this place: <a href="http://statics.192.com/estreet/original/large/2269/22697626.jpg">http://statics.192.com/estreet/original/large/2269/22697626.jpg</a>;)</p><p> </p><p> </p>


  • Going by your name you seem to have made the right move in your life !
  • I've wondered the same thing! I thought it might be a front for something as the few breads and cakes they display in the window look either old or fake. Never seen a soul in there but they must make money somehow?
  • Not irritating at all - good to have new blood :-)<div><br></div><div>Never even seen the bakery</div>
  • Is this the one with the sign outside saying it sells feta rolls but not feta cheese? I have often wondered about that shop.
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    Nice sandwiches - made to order, and excellent doughnuts. It's not fancy or pricey at all. Bit like a less glamorous (imagine!) Percy Ingles.
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    @south_to_north - Consider telling us a bit about yourself in the New Members thread. We do love a bit of gossip.<br><div style="font-size: 10pt;"><br></div><div><span style="font-size: x-small;">especially miss annie</span></div>
  • I have wondered that too about that place. I have never gone in as I don't eat bread rarely as gluten is very bad for our intestines
  • Good to know I'm not the only curious one! Might pop in to get a coffee on my way to the station one day out of interest.... Maybe get a doughnut too. I figure they must own their unit. Is that common in the area? @ali I would say so too! @arkady will do! @stutent perhaps. Though as someone who bakes their own bread I do love a bit of gluten ;)
  • I am wondering if the current fad for gluten-free everything is a tad overdone (ie complete food fashion nonsense). Just commenting from a position of utter ignorance here. Sutent, you're a doctor, what do you think?
  • @Sutent, that just isn't true. Gluten is certainly unhealthy for some people (like coeliacs) but not for most of us, especially in in wholemeal or less refined forms. See, for example<br>http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/288406.php<br>;
  • And so the can of worms is opened....
  • If I were to cast my opinion, undoubtedly gluten is one of those foods which is more difficult to digest, similar to red meat and dairy. So I understand that people who feel bad after eating it limit their consumption. I don't eat sweets, not because I don't like them, but because they make me feel awful. But gluten isn't the route of all evil as some people make it out to be (that doesn't mean you stutent, just a generalisation). There is certainly a gluten-free fad going on (as foods that are high in gluten are also calorific, and these gluten free diets often replace these carbohydrates with more vegetables which make you feel more healthy). I don't actually have a problem with this. As a former waiter though I did get very annoyed at how many people said they were allergic to gluten when I'm sure many of them were simply on a diet. ("No paris-Hilton lookalike, I'm pretty sure you're NOT allergic to gluten".) It's annoying because I think it belittles the condition of actually having coeliac disease - which can be very serious. The same goes for people who are legitimately gluten intolerant or have a wheat allergy. I feel that many dieters who hide behind the gluten allergy mantra do so because they know that if people think that it's a medical condition they are less likely to think they are being silly....
  • I often catch the bus at the bus stop near Faros, I  have had sandwiches that the lady made to order (fresh bread & halloumi and donuts.  I like the bakery and its old fashioned feel!
  • @TheMimsy, that sounds like an interesting sandwich, if starchy. What sort of doughnuts did you have?<br>
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    The doughnuts are big! I have seen some with sprinkles, I had a plain one.
  • Asked around.... Apparently the place is up for sale. It used to have a club underneath it and has an alcohol license. Stay tuned....
  • I had a halloumi sandwich from there years ago and I disliked it. Can't see the opening post so I'm not sure what I'm replying to!
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