Deli Wars

The Italian Farmers has re-opened as a shadow of its former self and a new place, Vittorio's Italian Deli, has opened in the former Sparks photo shop. Vittorio's has an amazing selection of meats, cheeses and deli-fare, just like TIF used to have. TIF appears to be focussing now on coffee, Xmas panettone and not much else. Interesting times but, I'm pretty sure this town ain't big enough for the both of them.


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Indeed. I can't work out what Italian farmers is yet it seems to be starting life with limited stock. Vittorios is also slightly chaotic. I bought some cheese and deli meats from there and looks like it might do a better job than Italian Farmers....but they didn't quite have their act together.
  • Vittorio's is now properly open and looks like becoming my new coffee hutch of choice on SGR.

    The owner Franco (Calabria) is a gent, the coffee is good, and the deli counter is far and away the best on the street, lots of continental and English cheeses (including, and this warms the cockles, Stinking Bishop), salamis, antipasti. Cheaper than Italian Farmers I'd guess. And if you want a sarnie he'll make it up from the deli from your choice of ingredients.

    Great addition to the area. Hope he prospers.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Ta krappy! I was wondering about how flexible they are (being a veg) and was a bit hesitant to go on without the promise of purchase
  • Very nice people, let me make off with a load of their empty boxes on opening day.

    I bought some bread...tasty, very very tasty.
  • I had a decent fresh pesto from there, and bought a few other goodies. Haven't yet sampled the full range but intend to.
  • We have been to Vittorio's a few times now and must say they are a welcome addition to SGR. Tasty meats and decent cheeses too. We also like their breads - all reasonably priced and friendly service. Hope they make a go of it!
  • Anone tried Provisions - wine, cheese, bread and beer? A venture by two chaps from Borough Wines, they do all that Clapton Craft beer you lot like and apparently 75 different cheeses! I walked past on my way to Angel the other day - looks good.
  • Traiteur. Has it closed?
  • Was shut at the weekend when i went past.
  • I asked Tony the Butcher today while purchasing my meat what was going on , he told me Traiteur had closed with a heavy financial loss in the region of £200-000 , most of the money was spent on refurbishing the premises and the owner also told Tony that a lack of local support was another factor. So come on guys lets all support our local shops.
  • Well they gave up pretty quick! I tried going there three times. Once on a Sunday it was shut, once on an evening it looked like they were doing restaurant style and I only wanted a coffee and scotch eggs and once it must have already shut for good
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    They got it completely wrong.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
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    Meanwhile, Vittorios seems quite nice for lunch and beyond. Apparently they make coffee for cheap prices (less than £2) but only open after 10. However, they have a selection of food, and fresh bread!
  • If as somebody on this thread said earlier coffee only costs 3p a cup to make, then we are being royally ripped off at £3 a cup. Good on Vittorio, hope he makes it back on good bread, cheese and sandwiches.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    Surely Traiteur can't have have closed already? That is mind blowing. We had a couple of coffees in there - the owner had had such passion & drive. Really sad to hear that.
  • That doesn't make sense to me. My understanding of his business model was that he was using the premises as a place to prepare food for all his catering gigs - if the business was reliant on local custom, why did he only create seating for 4 people?
  • And how the bejeezus do you sink 200k into it with no contingency plan?
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    Agreed Maxiumus, that's what he told us too. The kitchen was enormous & kitted out to a really high spec. I can't get my head around those figures!
  • If you open a restaurant and don't have the budget to last 12 months you are a moron.
  • Apparently they are on holiday rather than closed down...
  • I am reliably informed that reports of Traiteur's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Closed for an extended holiday (I guess not much goes on in the catering world in Jan), back open w/c Feb 6th.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    great news
  • @Mr_Arif The rumour begun with you - are you spreading alternative facts, or is it Tony the Butcher?
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    tony is a butcher?!? Who would of thought!
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    still no sign of traiteur reopening, but some activity at former gustavo's yesterday.
    the hopsmith remains a barren wasteland.
    any insights?
  • Gustavo's appears ready to become a new pizza joint called 'Pizza X Drink' who have aplace in Acton. there has been some action at Traiteur but possibly only to use the kitchen. hop smith would be ideal if Max wants to expand his empire and have a proper speakeasy!
  • I can confirm that Traiteur is indeed alive and kicking with no crippling debts in sight - the owner is having a well deserved break, and remodelling a little to adapt the shop to the SG market. Start of May is the re-opening plan I believe. Looking forward to some seriously good food again...
  • Went into Vittorio's and bought some stuff for the first time yesterday, just a bit of porchetta and n'duja. I'm impressed and prices are good in there. Will be going back in to buy plenty more.
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