Gilly's Fish Bar



  • I've been! It's fantastic, great food, fun décor, good value. The fusion aspect isn't overly done so that works really well too.

    Go give it a try!
  • Dining companion
    Surveyed Gilly's at 7
    Barely standing room
  • DID they have "parmo",
    And sauce with everything?
    And smoth'rings of cheese?
  • Can you sit in as well?

    Just landed at Stansted actually so could just handle some parmo and a bottle of newkie (sp) brown.
  • Quite a few seats, walked past at 9.30pm this evening and was about half full. Looking forward to trying it, some good smells!
  • Anyone from Sunderland will be rolling g their eyes on mentions of parmos and Newcastle brown.
  • Cant see them selling Dog anyway quite frankly.
  • This place is superb. Popped in the other night and had the chips with curry sauce (thick-cut, skin-on), fish (two smallish but succulent and absolutely deliciously-cooked bits of hake - such good batter...). but my favourite bit was the fired halloumi with honey. Just incredible. Decent beer selection too. It's a weird concept, but it works.
  • Maybe a daft question but is it eat in only or takeaway food too?
  • Takeaway due to come on stream soon.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    We had a great dinner there a few weeks ago. Even though it's a "small plates" concept, everything was generous and delicious. We had a little problem with one dish, and Neil sorted it out quickly and without any fuss. Given that the concept is "fried", it's not something I could eat every day, but it's a real treat on the day you do. Really good!
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  • Don't think they open 'til teatime. Their instagram is gillysfrybar, don't know if they have a website but you could try googling that.
  • I tried it 2 weeks ago, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much as I heard it was created by seasons owner but I found the quality quite average and actually not that cheap... Deep fried celebrations were nice though.
  • I agree with Soon. After reading all of your comments I was really excited and I felt it was quiet average; a bit overrated. I'll try again in a few weeks though.
  • Supposedly so succesful that it's closed down and will be re-opening in the West End later this year. I ate there only once. Not my cup of tea as a place to eat, as there was too heavy an emphasis on their cocktails rather than the food (the food was good, but you couldn't get a cuppa with it!), so there didn't seem much point in going there if you were just hungry but didn't want to get pissed, and it was too austere (and with uncomfortable furniture) a place to relax into a Martini or three. Chatted with the owner, who seemed a decent sort and dedicated to his concept, so I wish him well, and hope that the West End works out for him.
  • I wonder if he would have done better if the station exit was open, I never went there to be fair although I know the owner in a completely unrelated capacity and can't knock him for trying something new.
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    Neil is a local hero and, as I understand it, will be staying in the area via other ventures.

    Anyone been to Season since he let the chef and front-of-house man Valerie take over the operation?
  • Dammit. I always meant to try Gilly's - it was closed the night I tried to go shortly after opening because of an electrical problem of something. I went to Season in latish April - when did Valerie take over?
  • 2 months ago maybe? I get the impression that they've gone back to the more diverse and seasonal menu as opposed to amazing steaks plus one inferior option.
  • AliAli
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    Hopefully the Triangle will be open soon
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