Brave Sir Robin

Seems to be providing us with a large piece of fashionable graphiti on its walls
Not sure I approve


  • Walked past yesterday as the outline was being stenciled. It's about time we had some graffiti in the area, I've always been disappointed that there isn't much in the SG / CE area since I've lived here.
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    Ah yes, "Fashionable" graffiti. Just what we need; some third-rate scheisskunst eyesore to encourage the vaping man-buns, going on about how "hoppy" their overpriced IPA is.
  • Not graffiti, but have you checked out the yellow people proliferating in Hornsey Rd, by the bottom of Hanley Rd?
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    their presence is definitely expanding!
  • Those yellow people are fab aren't they?
  • I think a good pub for Scruffy might be the Park tavern near the Front Room on Tollington Park
  • And why do you think that, @wraylikefay ?
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    Pic for those interested:

    Footfall is limited on that stretch - good for them for doing what they can to stand out.

    For anyone that's yet to try it, the Scandi-influenced food is really good - good quality ingredients, cooked fresh. A definite cut above their nearby competitors. Great roasts too.

    There's a pop-up from Holy Schnit this Saturday (a side project from their chefs, I believe, that's in residence at their sister pub The Rose & Crown). Menu here:

  • The Brave now does the best roast dinner in Stroud Green - FACT.
  • Well, what a surprise. It looks as if it’s been vandalised!—FACT.

    Time for the council to condemn it and demolish it before it’s occupied by squatters again.
  • Silly me! Of course; “graffiti”—it’s supposed to look vandalised. I hope prosecutions follow soon. (I wonder if olde Strode Green had a stocks?)
  • You are a bundle of joy arent you Scruffy, check out the Park, no hipsters, no craft ale, bright lighting. I think you would like it.
  • Well, Wraylikefay, I certainly don't get any joy from The BSR, but I'm sure this excrementally atrocious show of "cool" will be applauded by some, simply because anything that could be associated urban edginess must be applauded by default ("Must be good 'cos, like, it's, like, 'street art', innit?") I don't particularly like the Tavern, but I have no gripe with it—At least they don't pollute the visual environment outside—well, except for the nightly street theatre of the odd punter pissing on their side wall in Charteris Road, that is. We could recommend a more suitable wall for that now, couldn't we?
  • That style is looking more than a bit dated now. Thank god maximalism is making a very welcome return to interior decor.
  • Better drinks in the park too, not sure if benelyn do a hop version yet?
  • @Scruffy Do you have a favourite pub in SG?
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  • @CityOfSin , it's just the best of a fairly feeble bunch. I'm more likely to go to The Stapleton than anywhere else (even though they recently did a horrible paint job on their exterior). Do you have any recommendations?
  • @gardener-joe i've never heard the phrase 'good advertising space' before.
    personally i can't imagine any such thing could exist.
  • @Arkady 's opinion about their roast is seconded. Definitely my favourite pub in the area.
  • Good to know. I'll give it a try.
    So far, for me the best roast is the one from the W.B Yeats which is amazing.
  • Another vote here for all the food from the BSR.
  • Important Roast Meal variables that determine what a good one looks like

    Price - Often ignored in the grand scheme of what is a good roast meal. It might be remarkable, but if you're taking piss then every mouthful tastes bitter. The Old Dairy currently does Roast Beef at £17. Outrageous

    Number of roast potatoes - Less than 3 decent sized, and its a refund or Michael Douglas in Falling Down moment

    Boiled Vegetable options - Need at least 2-3 in addition to potatoes. Would be looking for something orange, something green

    Sundries - Chipolata, stuffing, Crackling, Yorkshire pudding, roast parsnips. Just because a Yorkshire pudding takes up half the plate, doesn't mean that you scrimp on the rest.

    Gravy quality and quantity - This can make or break your roast meal if the balance isn't right. Not a lot of very nice gravy doesn't work, thin and swimming doesn't either.

    Meat - Where the cost is, but for me, as long as we're talking 2-3 sized decent lean cuts i'm not too fussy.

    For example. A Toby carvery delivers nicely on the volume and price argument, less so on the quality. This would deliver a 3.7 out of 5.
  • The only roast worth eating in a modern pub is a nut roast.
  • @Brodiej - that's a genius list and I agree with every word. I like a decent slug of gravy and then a separate jug for repeated re-applications, maybe even a bit of roast-dipping.

    Also, bread sauce, regardless of the meat. And English mustard or horseradish.

    I have a terrible weakness for a carvery when you can make all this happen yourself, but then I'm from the Midlands where such establishments are everywhere and held in high esteem.

    The added croquette that one gets from the Brave, though, raises the whole thing to a high art.
  • At BSR I had over cooked Yorkshires. A common complaint if I'm honest. Always best to do a roast at home.
  • I adore any Yorkshire pudding, whether under or overcooked.
    I have a similar passion for Brussels sprouts - they have to be very overcooked to render them inedible for me (although my preference would be under, obvs.
  • I ate in the Brave Sir Robin a while back and was really impressed with the food.

    I had a Reyki burger, my wife had a chicken schnitzel (aka I had a whole burger and half a schnitzel) and both were very tasty.

    My initial glances at the menu before I ate there had me thinking, interesting but maybe not for me, but was really good. Keen to go back and try more.
  • How do you cook a burger using reiki, a bit like the start of that film Scanners?
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