Festive greetings! Well, not quite as festive as we'd like as we can't find any mistletoe, everywhere seems to have sold out. Not for drunken party snogging, I hasten to add, we just always use it along with holly to decorate the flat at Christmas. The usual place at Highbury Barn is no more, Chapel Market had sold out, as has the garden centre at Ally Pally. They were selling some at the very expensive florist opposite Islington Green, but there were hardly any berries, and they were charging £15 per little bunch! £15! Wouldn't have given them a fiver for such a paltry offering. My husband is fretting about not having any, but there is reason in all things. Hoping someone here has seen some being sold locally.


  • I haven't actually seen it but it wouldn't surprise me if Bud had some on Tollington Park?
  • They had some at the Christmas tree shop in Finsbury park a couple of days ago - they gave me a piece for free. I also got some from the pet shop in Park Road the same day, smaller and £5.99, but a better deal than some others, clearly ...
  • In previous years I've also found it at the little florist on Stroud green road by the hanley road/ Stapleton hall crossroads
  • Thanks so much both of you. Unfortunately they one in the park has sold out too. But will check the others. Merry Christmas!
  • I've noticed you don't see it as much these days. I heard it was quite rare 'in the wild' now due to over-exploitation.
  • Got some! Thanks Comfortable Kate. I gave the Park Road shop a call to ask, and he said they'd sold out, and may possibly have some in tomorrow but no promises. Then he called back a little later to say he'd found a bunch, so my very happy husband shot up there to get it. And yes, Arkady, he did say there isn't much about this year. I do hope that is just a quirk of this year, and not a more permanent problem, as it's such a shame to see plants dying out. If I had a garden I'd try to grow some, think I saw something on the telly a couple of days ago actually, about growing it. Think I'm a Pagan at heart.
  • I noticed that they had it in Waitrose in Victoria earlier funnily enough.

    Should probably add that the little florist by Granary on SGR is a lovely little shop, I don't often go past when it is open but when I do they stock some very nice produce.
  • Thanks Holborn Fox, I've never been in there, but will bear it in mind in the future. And apologies Conformable Kate for getting your name wrong. Seems I've been reading it wrong for ages, but am now wearing my 'spare' glasses which seem to be better than my usual old ones. Anyway, hope you are also comfortable!
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