• Original report is from your soaraway Sun, so it must be all true, right? Makes the Islington Gazette look pathetic that they mindlessly parrot this rubbish rather than do their own reporting.
  • Might be worth avoiding Pork Balls from the local Chinese for a couple of weeks.
  • Is it ? Against what race?
  • Can you explain why your joke was funny?
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    OK, you've obviously been to the Arkady school of not backing up ridiculous assertions then (and unless I'm going mad (which is definitely possible) that thread has been removed).

    It wasn't a joke and most "Chinese takeaway" places are no longer owned by Chinese people.

    I had the (un)fortunate experience of being involved in a large court case regarding what really flows through the freezers and tills of more than a few local takeaway places recently.

    I won't go into the money side of things but we did come across half a frozen Alsatian in one freezer so I now, personally, refrain from eating "Chinese".

    If you a regular consumer however half a bollock in your chow mein might be the least of your worries.

    How's the running of red lights at road works coming along? I am a regular offender and still remain unprosecuted. :lol:
  • @Holbornfox with your industry knowledge, can you be 100% sure that other takeaway cuisines definitely do not contain any canine and/or testicular ingredients?

    If not, would the scope of your kindly advice be better broadened to include all takeaway food? (And be slightly less provocative at the same time?)
  • Jeeze chill, guy made a joke.

    It's a classic shitpost about Chinese takeaway being sub par quality.

    If you've never heard that joke, then you've led a very sheltered life.

    Regardless, everyone in the food industry knows takeaway food is of very low quality, so at least the OP is actually being factual.
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    @fwiw I would definitely advise people not to eat from the majority of takeaway places, I would also advise people to go 99% vegan, trade crypto, avoid Big Pharma, read The Road To Wigan Pier / People of the Abyss, run regularly and also to get hammered at least once a week, but what do i know?

    Provocative? me?! I will let you into a little secret; i only provoke people on here that I deem to have slighted me.

    This can be recently or in the distant past and, as I can't slap them round the mush with a mouldy haddock in cyber space, I have to resort to denting the occasional ego.

    In real life I am a very nice person, well unless you slight me and then i am like a 6ft version of Chucky.
  • @Holborn Fox, I'm sorry, but I do think it was a joke, as the alternative is that you are seriously suggesting that the, er, products of castration would end up at a Chinese takeaway. That's hardly plausible!

    As fwiw asked, why did you specify that it was Chinese? Sulker pointed out that Chinese takeaways specifically are a regular butt of jokes (that doesn't make it not racist, BTW). And you didn't specify if the takeaways that formed part of your court case (which sounds *fascinating*) were all Chinese. If they were, then that does change matters somewhat - but I suspect they weren't.

    I'm not saying that you are a racist, or that on the Grand Racism Scale you are on the Hitler end (closer to the opposite), but I think that suggesting that Chinese takeaways in particular serve dodgy food is a bit racist.
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    Of course it was a joke (although the court case was very real) and of course you clearly were saying that I am a racist, until I pointed out the obvious error in your statement.

    Guess what though? I don't really care!
  • Actually you know what, this is all the fault of that ne'er-do-well @Scruffy (who incidentally has never slighted me).

    It was all quiet on here until he asked where everyone was.
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    You can't get your argument straight if it was a joke or not; you can't say why you specified a Chinese takeaway; and you haven't said if they were the only ones involved in the court case (which would change matters). So I am afraid that your defence is not very persuasive.

    I said the comment was racist, not that you were racist (although it's open to debate if someone who makes racist jokes is axiomatically a racist or not, albeit at a fairly low level). In the absence of clarification about the takeaways involved in the court case, it plays into a common stereotype of Chinese takeaways, as Sulker helpfully demonstrated. So I am not sure where the obvious error in my statement was.

    Nothing to stop you going "actually, you're right, that was a bit racist now that I think about it, sorry", although changing one's mind and admitting that one is wrong (and publicly at that) can be difficult. (I posted a story in a forum recently from The Onion that I always thought was very funny but it was pointed out to me that it contained some really homophobic language, so I apologised and deleted. It was embarrassing).
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    @holbornfox Ha! Thass right, drag me into this! Well you’ve asked for it now, young/ol’ fellah-mi-lad/lady. Never slighted by me, eh! Well I don’t slight, see? No, a slighting can leave a chap in some doubt of the slighter’s intent. No, I’m from the “if one is to strike at all, one should strike firmly” school of verbal assault. While I only suspect you’re the sort who pronounces the L and R in “Holborn”, I’m certain that it’s people like you what causes unrest!

    (As we so often do, we’ve gone off-topic.)
  • @scruffy I genuinely debated putting a trigger warning that my post contained mild humour and a harmless trope but I suspected that you would be a better man / woman / ngs than that and you did not disappoint me.

    Just to confuse matters I think that I actually pronounce the L but not the R in Holborn, I now need to contemplate if this means I am regressing back into my Docker / Porter heritage or in fact finally fully blooming into the Birkenstock wearing hand wringer I feel I am destined to become.

    I am going to put me Bernard Cribbins record on, spark up a Pentonville Roll, pour a Light and Bitter and decide.
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    My Defence?!



    What the bleeding hell does Axiomatically even mean?*

    EDIT: don’t worry, I looked online and they come from the Axiomaticallydonian Road.

    Are you being obtuse or can you really not understand that my initial comment was clearly light hearted but me finding poor old Fido (or half of him) in the freezer of a London Chinese takeaway place is no joke so my observation was based on a real life event, like most jokes tend to be?

    In your excited haste to sling accusations at me you failed to note that ‘Chinese’ is not a race.

    Do you think that labelling over a billion people into one race / ethnicity is acceptable?

    I think you are actually a racist, maybe at the lower end of the scale but definitely suffering from Sinophobia.
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