Under the FP Bridge

Typical - they open the new FP Station Entrance and immediately close the northbound pavement and cycle lane.

Do we know what they are doing under the bridge and how long it is planned to last?


  • At least they waited for the new entrance before closing the pavemnet and cyle lane if they hadn't that might well have been typical
  • They're finally adding the missing lifts to give step-free access to all platforms. The closure is for access for the workers.
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    I find the ease at which cycle lanes are closed (and normally veer straight back onto the carriageway) simply bewildering, it makes cycling more dangerous than if they were not there in the first place.

    How hard would it be to keep a small side lane open at the side of roadworks?

    The cycle lane at the FP end of Wightman Road is also simply ridiculous and best totally avoided, as are the potholes and lack of signage for pedestrians on many "Cycle Superhighways".

    I should add that I used to ride a motorbike back in the day with no near misses or accidents, I've only been seriously cycling for a few months but FM can definitely see why cyclists are so angry!
  • At least at FP the trafic is calmed to a certain extent by the Traffic Lights. Cycling is usually dangerous because of other road users.
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    Yes but the massive potholes in shared bus / cycle lanes are so dangerous and definitely cannot be blamed on cars.

    I actually find junctions with no lights or roundabouts much more functional for cycling and driving, the amount of people that turn at lights without looking at what is coming straight across them is unbelievable.
  • The scaffolding etc has been up for MONTHS. Maybe a year? it makes cycling there horrible, especially with the world's worst speedbump. I cycle my son to and from school off Blackstock Rd from SG, and while I generally avoid busier roads, I have had very few issues with motor vehicles. Far more dangerous to me are people who just step into the road without looking.
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    Yeah I can't work that speedbump out either, I wonder if some mega cable runs below it.

    I had to drive round the M25 earlier, what a total mess, which I presume is people avoiding the A406 now it's in the charging zone.
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    The North and South Circular are not in the charging zone. It is everything inside them
  • Oh, that's news to me, well the M25 was a total nightmare both ways, I've no idea how people do that every day.
  • It was bad enough before but now supergrim. Let's hope it gets restored soon.
  • At least there will be a tangible benefit once the lifts are in and running.
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