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  • bethp
    Hi Luirette, Would it be possible for me to com along to your next book club meeting in November? My name is Beth. I love reading (and pubs!) and live in Crouch End. Thanks Beth
    October 2015
    • Luirette
      Hi Beth,
      Gosh I've only just seen this message - sorry! It came up when I clicked on my profile, which I don't ordinarily do. Not sure why I didn't get it as an email.
      Of course please do come along to any book group meeting you like. We're very informal and happy for people to turn up. If you write on the book group page that you're coming we can look out for you. Generally someone has a copy of the book out on the table so that we are easier to find. It's quite a small group at the moment, just three or four people so would love to have new members and it would be great to meet you.
      All the best
  • sophie
    Hi Anne<br><br>Thanks for filling in the poll. There are (of course) no dates that suit everyone, but two dates where most people can come, the 11th and the 15th.<br>I wonder if Thurs 11th is a date that you really can't do, or one that you would prefer to avoid for noise reasons, like you suggested before?<br>Jude has been to the Shaftesbury pub and asked them about a potential meal and they have said they are happy to turn the music off in the back room to try and make it quieter - do you think that would be alright?<br><br>
    November 2014
  • Luirette joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    May 2013