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  • chrish
    I'm using gmail, but the main account is with Microsoft, which I suppose makes it an email client. On my settings, there's an option to switch from Microsoft to a local account. Maybe that's worth trying....
    If you'd rather not get bogged down in this, I can quite understand.
    April 2021
  • chrish
    Thanks for that. It sounds exactly right. Any idea how to sort it out (or who might be able to do it for me)?
    April 2021
    • Scruffy
      If it's an email client you're using, it's fairly easy to Google the problem, including the software name and operating system in your search terms. In some cases you can just delete the email account from the software and then re-add it, but you must make sure that you're not deleting all your mail like that (i.e., it's still on a mail server somewhere, as it would be, for example, with Gmail). Quite frankly, unless you're a really heavy-weight email user, I would recommend just using webmail; using a client just adds an extra layer of complexity and potential synchronisation problems. (Then again, if you're using a phone or tablet, webmail isn't very practical—so many things to consider, I'm afraid!)
    • chrish
      Thanks again; that's extremely helpful. Best wishes, Chris
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    July 2017