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  • Although I admit randomly putting a shout out for 'wine experts' could be a double edged sword
  • No irony intended. We are looking for both experts and sponsorship. We do a lot of events in partnership with local businesses which benefit the community and (obviously) our service users. Usually these things start with putting the word out among …
  • I hope so. There's no official list of contributors yet - but more details and flyer are on Haringey's web page
  • I got hit by flying piss at that one, but that'll teach me for going to Oasis gigs
  • We were outside the arena and found a good spot to enjoy it without the hooligan element. We took our rubbish with us as there didn't seem to be any bins about - it looked like the council didn't really think about that one...My friend who is inside…
  • We got out of the Endymion exit and it was a while after the gig finished. I think it was a better experience just chilling out on the grassy knoll than being in the arena tbh, we could even just about see the screens and its a much more mellow crow…
  • We got in and out via Oxford Road last year for SR, maybe they just closed it during the gig
  • I think we'll stroll up towards the Endymion Road one and see what's what, just can't be doing with traversing Seven Sisters/Blackstock palava. Oxford Rd was open last year for Stone Roses too but they probably had complaints. Thanks peeps
  • Sounded great from Charteris Road. Good to have a recce on the timing and set list before we go tomorrow. Can't stand the flippin helicopters though, they arrived during Resurrection and will probably be here all night  
  • STOP PRESS: I've sold 'em already! Thanks for offers and comments. Maybe we should start a permanent ticket swap board for locals
  • Yep - that's the nail on the head BrodieJ. Two friends requested I got theirs ages ago when I ordered them and have since blown us out. At least my fella isn't so unreliable or it'd be a lonley gig!
  • I think it's 40 thousand. Apparently they are only allowed a max of 5 big paid-for gigs per year in the park, which sounds about right. It's nice to see a big name band on your doorstep once in a while (like they did when the Rainbow still existed),…
  • Going with the hubby on Saturday and might pop in the Fullback before (if accessible!). Be nice to see a few other local fans