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  • Anyone would recommend a local plumber? Have tried top call those two mentioned above but they arent available.
  • Thanks LHI for sharing the infos. Yes this is pretty depressing. Can't believe the laws are so permissive. I am definitely not pro religion but I agree we can't put them all in the same bag. Is there anything that can be done to stop those kind of o…
    in UCKG ? Comment by Soon December 2020
  • This a such a nice place, they've done a great job. Finally a proper bakery in the area. Also I feel it is bringing some life to this strecht of Hornsey road. With Rusty Thai Kitchen next to it, I hope it will motivate more business to come to that …
  • When taking the tube the other I was surprised to see some Picture house poster behind the glass next to the new entrance at the station. I though the plan was to get a cineworld? Anyone knows about it? Have to say I would be much happier with a pi…
  • Seriously, a second Lidl. Why can’t we have a waitrose or something that isn’t in the aera yet.
  • I liked the first version of the Italian. If this new one is although a wine bar I hope they will be serious about it. Oak N4 is nice but I have to say I am really disapointed with those 2 new places on stroudgreen. Their wine list is quite limited…
  • I think it's ok, let's not be too extreme. I mean obviously things could be improved but it's a big city... It is still a very nice and dynamic area compare to many. I think the cut in the social help few yars ago, didn't help, but I think there als…
  • the future of John Jones U+I is quite a wellknown company, so I am really curious to see what they have in mind.
  • This website is full of shit. I hope this is just a template... I suddenly completely lost interest in that place.
  • Only one I am aware of is the wine store. Not to sure what is going on in the other places. I also saw some work happening next to "Season" Restaurant and in the former "Street N4" Burger place next to the theater.
  • Yes, I have seen that today. It would be nice to see the Italian Farmer version 1 coming back. Work in the future wine seller started too. Btw, I also noticed some work going on next to season restaurant and also in that place that was used to grow…
  • Great, looking forward to see that. By the way, the new fish stall is really good and well priced. Such a great addition to the market!!!
  • Good to know. I'll give it a try. So far, for me the best roast is the one from the W.B Yeats which is amazing.
  • I don't think those places were too fancy for people in Stroudgreen, and to be honest I can see restaurants closing down regularly in Hackney too. Stroudgreen may not be as popular, I do think there is room for a few higher standard places. That sa…
  • I love the market and have been there many times. I like the primary school but I am wondering whether this is the right location. I thing it is a bit off the main street and doesn't have much visibility for people passing by. I think it should be m…
  • Well, isn't it weird, it was a bakery for a few weeks and then has been re-branded as a cafe... I agree on the friendlyness of the staff but to be honest I found the found was pretty average.
    in My Gufo Cafe Comment by Soon May 2018
  • Well, lets not judge before we see it. Even though I tend to go less out for breakfast/coffee that I used to, I sometimes feel the offer for nice brunch on Stroudgreen could be slightly better... So maybe Common Ground will fill this gap...
  • I know a very good kitchen fitter that I can recommend with no doubt. He has done our kitchen a year ago. Please send me a private message if interested.
  • It is a shame. It would have been nice to see this pub reopening to bring some life that street. Why is this street is so depressing?
  • We went there the other day a bit randomly and it was a great surprise. Really enjoyed the food!
  • I tried it 2 weeks ago, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much as I heard it was created by seasons owner but I found the quality quite average and actually not that cheap... Deep fried celebrations were nice thoug…
  • Thanks again Ned for making this happening. Bread by bike is nice, but we can already find there product at deli@80. To be honest, if I could choose, I would rather prefer to have a proper E5 stall, which I think is amazing On the very first day, …
  • Saw some people in front. They told me it will be a sandwich bar... not sure what to expect.
  • Yes, agree, the quality of the food is impressive! Will go again.
  • Yep, there was some square artworks on the wine seller car I think. No big deal, just think it would be better to focus on food. What about a bit of music for the atmosphere?
  • I think we missed the bread, maybe we arrived to late. There was great stalls and already quite a lot of people! Just bought some nice cheeses, pies, meat and a few beers. Not sure about the ugly artworks in the entrance and the birthday cards thou…
  • Have a look at the blighty coffee. I know they have desk/office upstairs.
  • I think it will be a great addition for The Stroud Green community!
  • I don't think the store selling all sort of stuff will go. I was talking about the former off licence next to the florist. It's currently being entirely refurbished. Not sure what it will then be . William Hill isnt super busy, probably because the…