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  • @HolbornFox Spot on. The Crouch End yummy mummies can go straight from pilates to boozy brunch. Living the dream. This is the place:
  • More info below on this place, which will now be called Someday Canteen, and Night Owl, opening on the old Zelman Drinks spot. Food from Club Mexicana and Capish is good news, 'weekend DJ sets' less appealing for me personally.…
  • Thanks for the tips - we also have furniture to clear so this is helpful. We also have some miscellaneous rubbish (mostly wood, flooring offcuts etc) - is there a local take-my-junk-to-the-tip service anyone can recommend?
  • Really? I had the 3-hour scratch-off parking vouchers (10 three-hour vouchers for £33.00), so it works out much the same per hour, except with RingGo, I can choose the amount of time, add on more etc. (I swear I don't work for RingGo!)
  • Ooh, hadn't spotted Kakajee - thanks for the tip. The giant jerk chicken wraps from One Love Kitchen look like an excellent WFH lunch option. So many lovely local spots to support during lockdown! We're very lucky.
  • Not sure if helpful, but we swapped from the scratch-off passes to RingGo - think it works in both Islington and Haringey. It's 50p per half hour and we've used it for plumbers etc, as well as guests (pre-COVID) - you just need the make of their ve…
  • @HolbornFox They must have heard us. Boom, food truck.
  • Totally. Navigator Square is perfect for food trucks - though it might clash with the market on Saturdays? Unless they teamed up and allowed you to bring street food into the pub, like you can at Chapel Market. I did notice there was only a handful…
  • @krappyrubsnif: "It's that time of year..." This made me bark with laughter. Didn't know there was a season for this sort of deviance! Jokes aside, this is grim and would definitely put me off doing that walk alone. Hope anyone that witnesses it r…
  • So glad to see it properly open! Popped in briefly and the place looks great. Staff did a good job with sanitising, table service etc. I don't drink beer but there seemed a good range of stuff brewed locally (Hammerton, Two Tribes, Muswell Hillbilly…
  • The Stapleton returns - July 16th.
  • @HolbornFox Curious to know where... It's tough for the pubs - they have done all the training, put all the measures in place, but the customers have to do their bit too. @krappyrubsnif Can confirm that The White Lion was very well organised, not …
  • Really? I think the SGR side is more than ready for a local M&S. The City North residents will make good use of it for sure. (The Crouch End branch seems to do a brisk trade, despite being pretty tiny and close to three competitors). The differ…
  • No idea I'm afraid - I thought some eagle-eyed SGers might know.
  • Did anyone spot this socially distanced dance party / workout in the area yesterday?
  • A fantastic opportunity to support a local pub. There's some really great ready-to-heat dishes and fresh produce on offer - well worth picking up a few bits if you're popping for beer / wine. Certainly beats standing in the supermarket queue. Click…
  • How many times per week can the average local resident visit a deli?
  • This is the last of the big events for this year, I believe? So we can all settle in for a peaceful autumn. (You know, apart from the sirens, helicopters, building work, noisy neighbours, etc...)
  • All the info is here: Music finishes at 10.30pm tonight and 10pm tomorrow.
  • Roasts are back at the Brave Sir Robin! New menu here:
  • Gutted to see Vittorio's closed - we shopped there at least once a week. His meats and cheese were great quality and much cheaper than elsewhere. He did say he hopes to open up again, though I imagine not on SGR. I wonder if SG's lack of daytime fo…
  • Just seen the new barriers under the bridge. I’m guessing this is deemed a ‘solution’ to the begging issue, that now leaves hundreds of commuters walking down the cycle lane. Wonder how long they plan to keep them up.
  • Ah, mystery solved. Dead Rabbits Saloon - 'whisky bar and burgers'.
  • If one of the world's best bars has decided to open a sister site on Blackstock Road, I will eat several hats. Some interesting stuff opening up in that area, though. Top Cuvée - new wine bar/bistro from the people behind Three Sheets and Little Me…
  • Sad to read that Kjot + Eldur, who run the kitchen, are leaving. This Sunday is your last chance to try arguably the best roast in N4. Hope they replace them quickly!
  • Thought the whole chain had folded and remaining restaurants were just seeing out their lease and then closing. The one in Angel has been closed for quite a while.
  • We popped in once, could immediately smell that infamous carpet, but the lad behind the bar was really friendly. Didn't realise it was cash only so went across the road to get some, followed by the barman who had to buy ice and lemons. Think I was t…
  • @Scruffy Do you have a favourite pub in SG?
  • Pic for those interested: Footfall is limited on that stretch - good for them for doing what they can to stand out. For anyone that's yet to try it, the Scandi-influenced food is really good - good quality ingredients, cooked fresh. A defin…
  • Menu looks good - doesn't look like the sort of thing would attract hordes of families. It would be sad to write off a new addition to the 'hood on the basis that there may at some point be children in it - and that's coming from someone who would …