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  • Join Freecycle or Freegle
    in Free furniture Comment by LHI March 2021
  • @Soon We can report UCKG to the police, Charity Commission, adult safeguarding and children safeguarding of social services, but they all turn a blind eye to vulnerable adults and teenagers being brainwashed and financially exploited. Charity Commi…
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • @wellaye I already am. I’m exhomeless and have an information website for homeless people in London which gets more than 200 visitors a day. It has every information people sleeping rough could possibly need - how to apply for settled status, how to…
  • @LukeG Deported??? You either have not read and / or have not understood what I wrote. My friend is French, entitled to settled status because he had been in the UK for 10 years. He did not have a Canadian passport, the only passport he had was a F…
  • Just want to update you about how dangerous the religious cult UCKG are and the extremes they go to to silence those who speak out about them. Their headquarters in UK are at the Rainbow Theatre on Seven Sisters Rd in Finsbury Park. Today somebody …
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • @LukeG Do you really think UCKG would really sell you the Rainbow Theatre? They have an extremely profitable business there scamming local people to give them 10% of their income and everything they own, and they’re ideally situated so that everybod…
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • It is true most people begging during the day in Finsbury Park, as elsewhere in London, are not sleeping rough or even homeless and are begging to feed their heroin and / or crack addiction. Anybody begging without all their belongings with them - a…
  • Diarmaid Ward’s fiction vs facts I’m telling you what’s happening from the inside, not what Islington council wants people to believe.
  • I want to set the record straight about what really happened to the people sleeping rough under the Stroud Green Rd bridge in Finsbury Park. The pavement on the left under the is Islington council, and the right side is a Haringey council. Islingt…
  • @Scruffy I don’t “just pick on UCKG only”. I explained in my first post that I wrote an article on my website about UCKG after they repeatedly asked me to go to their services while collecting free food from their soup kitchen / food bank in Finsbu…
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • Arkady, you say “a large percentage of the homeless have very obvious drug problems, and that is facilitating a very specific kind of drugs economy with all that comes with it.” Don’t stereotype homeless people as junkies and crackheads - the vast …
  • The young people collecting for UCKG are from UCKG’s Victory Youth Group (VYG) for teenagers aged 14 up to 25. Each UCKG “HelpCentre” has a Victory Youth Group - in London in Finsbury Park, Hackney, Stamford Hill, Wood Green, Edmonton, Kilburn, Will…
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • Yeah, but I’ve never heard of any other church trying to manipulate people to that extent, claim they can cure my incurable disabilities if I go to their mass or service, ask for 10% of income and belongings, or give targets to recruit others every …
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • Scruffy, UCKG are brainwashing people on benefits and a low income to give them 10% of their income and everything they own, forcing them into debt. While collecting free food from the UCKG soup kitchen / food bank in Finsbury Park they repeatedly…
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • Ok thanks, I’m just trying to raise awareness that UCKG “HelpCentre” in Finsbury Park are not a centre providing help but a dangerous religious cult preying on vulnerable adults and children.
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020
  • After this I started researching UCKG and wrote this article:
    in UCKG ? Comment by LHI December 2020