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  • Arkady I have had look at said diagrams and your completely correct! Apologies as way of "compensation" folks can enjoy a wet summer Friday afternoon with this lot Page 110 Freight trains running on the underground page 110 for mention of the …
    in Train Geeks Comment by Ali June 7
  • Lots of artistic licence !. It us mostly single track. The last public train ran on 3rd July 1954. Freight trains ran as far as Muswell Hill until 14th June 1956 and Cranley Gardens until 18th May 1957. The track between FP and High Gate was used…
    in Train Geeks Comment by Ali June 4
  • The picture the Standard has used at the link above makes the outside of FP station look incredibly rammed with folk a little bit misleading
  • Sounds horific
  • Jack Hargreaves. Remember him from How and Gone fishing
  • Not at that location
  • It seems to have over 400 members. It face book page advertise s quite a few other local initiatives and events
  • I thought the transition place at the green house near the Manor House gates already had some like that all ready A few years ago I attended a Saturday morning course on Bee keeping which was based a the beer hives there
  • I think it is a bit strong to say it is falling to bits you should have seen before all the restoration work around 2003. This is a nice potted history and…
  • Strangely the letter I received had the stamp printed onto the envelop ie not a stamp. Thought that was strange it looked like a mailshot company sent it. Is there some cash involved in signing folks up ?
    in Comment by Ali March 30
  • I hear we are getting changes to the FP playspace in that pit place and old reb ramp thing next to it. Might be gone parkour or some thing
  • The shutters are up and work going on inside. I wonder what is comming
    in Italian Farmers Comment by Ali March 30
  • Have a look at the web site very expensive cameras
  • A film crew are filming in the Mexican restaurant Does that help ?
  • I got one from Lawrence from Victoria Road as well. It came in a stamped envelope. You think he would just wonder around the corner and hand deliver
    in Comment by Ali March 23
  • Very large numbers again
  • It has gone up by over 300k since 10pm last night
  • We have 960 signatures in Hornsey. Total has gone up 46,000 since my first post
  • You all might like to know about this and maybe sign.
  • We must have had the first Momentum in Haringey for a year or so. What's the verdict so far ?
  • I think the rents and rates on the Islington side are higher than the Haringey. Does anyone know for sure on that? Brick and Olive seems to be doing okay
    in Deli Wars Comment by Ali March 20
  • The Italian next to Christopher Charles also seems to be gone. I will miss the Panini's stuffed full of goodies from the counter at Vittorio's
    in Deli Wars Comment by Ali March 19
  • What is on that space is better than what was there before especially after the flats above the Sainsbury's got built. The new thing above the station looks like it will turn out to be a monster. I guess the next Tower will be on the MR yard.
  • Only one left standing no Vittorio's is closed for good. Porcheta and the SG Convenience store shut that part of the strip is looking a bit sad I noticed that the Tapas had a black board advertising Tapas for less than a fiver I guess if you do…
    in Deli Wars Comment by Ali March 19
  • The earlier marches have been really family friendly. If you have kids you might be better joining the march at Green Park tube. Because of large numbers it takes a long time to get going at Hyde Park corner. Depending what happens this week a ver…
  • One week to go to the Put It To The People March. This is now more important than ever. The MPs have to see that those who don't support a hard Brexiteer have not gone away. But so does Europe. Be there and make history
  • I am not on twitter either
  • N19lurker,. I think you question has been answered in Westminster It is now really important to get onto the march and make your views heard if you're on the side of. People's Vote