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lawrence singha


lawrence singha
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    September 2020
  • you can come meet me in person in front of Hutton Court, Victoria Road on Wednesday between 4-5pm, if you have any questions and to see that i am a real person... you can find me ....

    i am part of Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Neighbourhood Plan

    also known by Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT Stroud Green) Street Watch and NW (most to join NW part of Victoria Road NW)
    April 2019
  • Hello,

    I am Lawrence Singha and i am real as you guys, and not only that i also one running Neighborhood Watch on Victoria Road and connecting road. Also running Street Watch since Jan 2019.

    If you didn't know too i also got pavement renewal program working on our road also report from Street lights, Gas/Water leaks to potholes, cable boxes (cabinet). I have number of contacts from SNT, Police and Haringey.

    Forgot i was a member here (been member since 2007)... when there wasn't much people online and load has change on the site...

    believe me there is no like me who look after roads and filed reported over 300+ (since 2012)

    even EV points are coming too in phase 2 rollout.
    March 2019
  • lawrence singha changed his profile picture.
    March 2019