Helicopter noise in the early hours
  • Has anyone else been kept awake by the police helicopters circling over Finsbury Park/Green Lanes. It has been a problem for me several times over the past few weeks. I want to get an idea from people when and for how long this is happening so I can complain - let me know dates and times! Today 2.15am - 3.15am!
  • Tell me about it, looks like its at the end of Moray Rd.

  • 12 July, 2.30 to 3.30, felt like they were really low and trying to look into my bedroom. But I may have imagined that.

  • 'Excuse me Officer, could you stop chasing criminals in your helicopter cause it's keeping me awake at night'

  • Bloody thing was driving me nuts last night around 3-4am. Tired :(
  • For the past few weeks it has become more frequent, and it has felt like a pneumatic drill coming through my roof for an hour at a time, making sleep and rational thought impossible. Not sure if this is just my perception of it, but It seems to be the same times on the same days every week. I wonder if they're doing training exercises?

  • @Misscara, it isn't just your perception. There has definitely been an increase in the last few weeks. Seem to remember a few years ago they used to train on a Sunday evening. It is bloody loud.

  • Marquis, I had the same impression, it sounded like they were hovering right outside my (third floor) window.

  • This is very good news. I haven't noticed anything at all. Normally I am a very light sleeper but I've not been woken at all, which means that I have healthy sleeping patterns again.

    Or that I am going deaf. Hmm.
  • You seriously think the police would carry out training exercises in a helicopter in the early hours of the morning?

    It's more likely they were looking for a burglar or high risk missing person or something just as serious. They don't put a helicopter in the air for nothing.

    I think some people should stop whining about things like this. If it was your house that had been burgled or your elderly relative with dementia that had gone missing in the early hours, you would be very grateful that a helicopter was up looking for them.

    You live in a city. Noise is to be expected!
  • I think it was more of an observation that it seems to happen at the same time on the same days of the week, for exactly the same amount of time. Criminals would be a bit stupid if they stuck to a regular timetable.

  • Although Stroud Green is quite a nice area, we border some of the rougher parts of London. Andover Estate, Blackhorse road etc. In order to see those areas properly, the Helicopter would have to fly over Stroud Green and direct their cameras into the relevant areas from there.
  • Those nice police folks appear to be playing with their noisy flying machines again.

    Fortunately I only hear it in the distance - not directly buzzing the area...

    Oh, and please tell me how flying helicopters over the rough areas of London makes those areas safer - compared with the vast number of coppers on the beat you could have patrolling those areas for the cost of their high-tech toy. Helicopters are seriously expensive.


  • You could apply that to the whole of London, which is basically one big shithole with little nice bits dotted around. I don't think my friends living in other parts of London have to suffer this. The blasted thing has been above my house for the past hour preventing me from sleeping for the 4th night out of 7. Perhaps you are a heavy sleeper, or you live further away from it than I do. I know they have criminals to catch, but doesn't it cost tens of thousands of pounds every time it goes up? Is this really the best use of police resources if it has to be up there for hours at a time most nights a week? How many criminals have they caught using the helicopter that they couldn't have caught using other methods? Why has usage of the helicopter increased so much in recent weeks? I don't know, I'm just asking the question. I wish I was asleep to be honest. It keeps going away and returning just as I think it's gone. I find I can still hear it with the windows closed and earplugs in. Is anyone else awake because of this tonight?

  • Ah Roy beat me to it, my last comment was for kp82.

    Kp82 I wish I could invite you round to experience this nightmare. But I only have one bed so that means you'd have to share with me and i sleeptalk so that would probably annoy you more than the helicopter. Which is back above my house. Aaaaagh!

  • It's starting to annoy me now - has been coming closer again. Yes, it's frustrating that just when you think it's gone it comes back again.

    It sounds like it's worse for you though - I don't think it'd really bother me if I l closed the windows - but the flat is quite warm and I prefer to sleep with them open.

    Interesting though how much worse it is for you - I'm on Florence Road (opposite Ronaldshay) so quite close to UTP. Maybe they really are buzzing your house :)

    Or maybe I'm just sufficiently deaf from listening to loud music that I'm less sensitive. Or just sufficiently old. I dunno...


  • I stay up longer on Monday nights because of a radio show, and I always notice it on those nights, so yes, I would say it is a regular thing rather than a spontaneous chase.

  • I seemed to carry on for yonks last night.

    I often wonder whether the lost productivity, increase in accidents, and the increase in stress potentially caused by the chopper noise is sufficiently offset by rounding up some youths who have twocked a couple of vehicles. The incidents 'solved' using it are rarely high profile enough to make the news, and even the raids to catch the manhole cover thieves made the news.

  • Normally I don't mind it. I quite like that feeling of impending doom. Last night it was circling for ages though. I thought they should just come in and look in my wardrobe, and be done with it, because they seemed to have looked everywhere else.

    Because it was so still and humid it was nearly enough to bring on a 'Nam' flashback as well.
  • Last night's outing for the helicopter was apparently because some yoofs broke into Crouch End swimming pool. I'm rather annoyed I was kept awake for hours and have been a total wreck all day because of that. Probably wouldn't mind so much if they had been chasing an armed gunman.

  • The bloody swimming pool gets broken into every time there is a hot night. It's hardly a reason to raise the cavalry. It isn't just kids that break in either, there are plenty of local stories about the post pub Park Road Lido.

  • I think they've been reading this board and are just doing it to wind you up.

    Anyway I live on UTP and haven't heard the helicopter, but I've had a hacking cough for the past month which has probably done more to keep my neighbours awake than anything else. You're welcome, neighbours!
  • The helicopter is much more annoying when it hovers over the open air Globe Theatre at Southwark, and drowns out whatever play they happen to have on.......
  • I've been told it was up last night because Highgate Wood School was broken into. 6 people arrested for burglary. I'd say it was worth it.
  • Why not send a police car to the school to arest the burglars? Or is that too old-fashioned?

    What are the occupants of the helicopter going to do? Parachute down on top of the burglars?


  • They work with the police on the ground to pinpoint where the criminals are, and shine a big light on them. Has noone ever seen Police Camera Action?!
  • Surely it's better to sneak up on them in a car and nab them red handed than alert them to police presence with a montrous flying machine?

  • It's more for when people run into fields, woods etc, where you can't take a car. It flushes 'em out, like rabbits.

    I think they may use heat-sensing cameras as well, or maybe that's something I saw in a film :\
  • I was just talking to someone about this who has got a policeman friend. Apparently, the thing to do if you are being chased by the Old Bill in a helicopter is not to make for woods or fields but to leg it to the most densely populated street you can find.

    Obvious, really.

    Apparently the police helicopter costs £2,500 an hour. What a waste of time and money.
  • makes good tv though

  • The cost is exactly what I'm getting at.

    Sure a helicopter can help - but is there any hard evidence that it's made the police much more effective at catching criminals than they were in the old days? I just can't help thinking that if they took all the money they spend on helicopters, tasers, computers and god knows what else and instead spent it on employing coppers on the beat we'd all be a lot safer.


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