10-day music festival in Finsbury Park

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What do you think about plans for a 10-day music festival in Finsbury Park?

A survey/questionnaire begun by one of our SGR councillors about this upcoming 'event':




  • Oh yes, some slayer in the park.

  • I had 2 years of terror with my upstairs neighbours and their anti-social behaviour late night until early mornings. I'd take the 10 days on the chin. Earplugs for the time being and all will be good.

    It's certainly not going to be easy, but it's a limited period of time.

  • Would be good to know more details about the event.  The website just seems to contain promotional fluff at the moment.

  • It sounds like a terrible idea but before I dismiss it out of hand I'd like know more about it.

    How are the park cleaners going to deal with the rubbish when they can't even clear up properly over a Bank Holiday weekend?

  • I was thinking earlier, at least when the bloody Olympics are rendering the TV schedules a wasteland, and doubtless taking over the majority of pubs, and most of my mates are watching the damn thing, I can go read a book in the park. My mistake; staying in with DVD box sets it is, then.

  • I hope they do the decent thing and reach out to the local community who will be affected by the event.  It would certainly be well out of order if an event takes place in our neighbourhood and we don't actually get a chance to participate in it. 

    Discounted or free tickets would be a nice gesture, or better still, perhaps raising money for some local causes?
  • A terrible idea, and I can't believe the council approved it with no real consultation. Is there not something in the property law statutes that a resident has a right to reasonable enjoyment of their property? For 10 days in the middle of summer, those of us who back onto the park or live within earshot will lose that right. If anyone knows chapter and verse for the legal bit I mentioned, please let me know!

  • It's tenuously connected to the Olympics, so over-rides all legal and ethical considerations. Just consider yourselves lucky your houses weren't compulsorily purchased to be turned into accommodation for Papua New Guinea's shot-putt team (which could quite coincidentally be sold on for a tidy profit once the games are done).

  • Fully intend to be nowhere near London during the Olympics for all the reasons mentioned above.  This just further justifies my bah humbug attitude.

  • Why do we allow these unelected pricks who are Haringey council's so-called officer cadre to dominate our lives?  Local government.  Representative?  Democratic?   Consultative?  Crap!    What happened to local representative democracy and the ability of local councillors to actually do anything for the people who vote for them?

  • I think this is a really good idea. This is kind of the point of the Olympics, isn't it? A celebration of the cultures of all the countries of the world, and we get Jamaica, which is pretty cool. Hopefully, Usain Bolt will show up with his medals. My only reservation is that it would be better if it was free, but hopefully some of the events will be. It's hard to see how it works as a promotion for Jamaica if casual visitors (and residents!) can't wander up to have a look. And yes, I live within earshot of the park, and am dismayed by the everyday litter. But licensed events have to pay for their own litter clear-up, don't they?

    Anyway, given how difficult it is to actaully get tickets to Olympic events, it seems a fantastic idea to have a little bit of it come to us.

  • Don't know anything about the festival but am childishly excited about Olympics.

  • I know it's deeply unfashionable and, in North London, unpopular but I'm really excited about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

    I have next to no interest in sport and the Olympics is every four years but the Diamond Jubilee is a once in a lifetime event - with lots of free stuff going on.

  • Really not my thing, but the music is only licensed till half 10, so hopefully not too disruptful.

  • @Idoru, I haven't seen anything about what time it will start each day - have you? I also really hope they direct people in through the main gate - I don't mind the occasional shindig in the park, but I do get fed up of having having to pick up litter which home-bound idiots toss into my front garden.

  • I'm excited about the Jubilee in so far as it's an extra bank holiday, and whatever the politics, an extra day off is an extra day off.

  • RoyRoy
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    Can't say I really care about the Olympics, the Jubilee, or the thing in the park - although I'm certainly not going to get out of London for any of them.  But at the same time, if other people enjoy them (and I've no doubt many people will enjoy all three) then that's all well and good as far as I'm concerned.

    Oh, and I agree with ADGS - I'm all for extra days off work :-)


    [ETA I realise I'm probably further from the park than some of you, though]

  • @vetski Can't find anything about when it'll start. That's awful that people chuck litter in your garden. Is it really so difficult for them to take it home? Idiots.

    I'm planning on being in Sardinia for the jubilee. :)

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  • I haven't been excited by the Olympics at all up until 2 weeks ago when i walked from Stroud Green all the way to the Olmpic Park. Its gives you a great perspective of whats been created, what it's replaced, what it sits within and what's going to happen. These are historical events happening within 5 miles of our postcode, i can see the sculpture thingy from my window. This is a global event and its in our city!

    I doubt i will get particularly excited by some of the mad sports on display, but in a year of complete doom and gloom i can't think of a better series of events (jubilee, euros, olympics) to feel proud about our country and to focus on the fun things in life.

  • I have been looking forward to the Olympics for years. I'm ridiculously excited about it. And this festival sounds fun. I don't think, as residents, we have any overriding rights over the park and what is done with it - surely London's parks are for all of London? I hope Usain Bolt turns up too (maybe he'll do a few laps of the athletics track). It would be like being visited by Muhammad Ali, or Pele, or someone. Amazing.

  • Better watch out Brodiej  the Tories might call a snap election on the back of your cheer and throw in a comitment  have a referndum on Europe to just to make sure of a majority !

  • I think it's basically a choice - it is easy to think that the Olympics is an enormous waste of cash and a terrific hassle and you will come out of this year miserable.

    I wasn't a great fan of bidding for it but now it is here I think that this is an event that will only be in our country once in our lifetime or more, it has the whole world watching and I hope is a massive party. Other countries will come here, take spaces like Finsbury Park and set up their own parties and we should join in. We should be working out how we get a better deal for local residents rather than belly aching about the fact that other people will be having fun in a massive park.

    Seriously, if you don't want the hassle, go abroad for two weeks. Fun in life is about experiences. Whatever happens with the Olympics, living in London during it will be a ride worth experiencing and one that we will end up talking to our grandkids about, even if just to moan that we couldn't get a 3G signal.

  • I'm all for other people enjoying themselves and I hope it goes well so that we don't embarass ourselves, but I don't see what I might enjoy about it.

    I don't enjoy watching sports, I don't have tickets for any of it. I have to go to work on already overcrowded public transport and London is overcrowded and outrageously expensive as it is, even before every place in town has inflated their prices to fleece the tourists.

    Perhaps I'll join in by going to watch the fireworks for the opening and closing ceremonies and I might watch the synchronised swimming if it's on tv.

    My mum lives in Essex and the train goes through Stratford - right beside the new stadium. I've watched the whole demolition and rebuilding project from the train, it is impressive. I know that part of the city very well and it is massively improved now even with that eyewatering monstrosity of a shopping centre.


  • Oh I think it's fantastic that we've got the Olympics. I don't like athletics, though, so won't be watching it.

  • London was already a world city with the eyes of the world on it. London already has plenty of exciting stuff going on, always. London already has staggering architecture and more history - past and current - than it knows what to do with. If, as had at one stage been proposed, the British bid had been mounted by somewhere like Birmingham which needs to put itself on the world map, then sure. Here, they're totally surplus to requirements.

  • You're right. London's the best city in the world.

  • don't diss brum

    personally i cant wait forthe FP event, more music and dancing the better.



  • Idoru: I thought New York City was the best city in the world, and London was the second best?  I've never been to New York City though.

  • Nope. London is the best. (I've never been to NYC, either.)

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