Whisky in the jar


  • This is amazing. Not quite sure who the lookalikes are tho. MAybe a blue plaque should go up? There was also some tv puppet show shot in studio round here was it Moray Rd... Mister Ben I think? Obviously creative vibe in those days now gone with Chapter One and the Rainbow whi h i read a out and must have been cool.Chang

  • Ooo I didn't know! Thank you Reg that's brilliant.
    But now I have Spandau Ballet ear worming me. No thanks for that.

  • Susan Scott Lookalikes, mentioned in the article on @Reg's post, are still there - http://www.lookalikes.info/. I'll start asking people if I look like anyone interesting!

  • Thanks Reg that's great!

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagabonds_of_the_Western_World

    So, is the new coffee shop Vagabonds on SGR a coincidence or has someone been doing their homework???

  • I saw the Sarah furgusson lookalike going in there 2 weeks ago...

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    Perhaps Phil had just read  Synge's 'The Playboy of the Western World' around the time of the recording of this album, and during the recording sessions  on Tollington Park would take a walk up the road to find a coffee shop. There was none to be found on the corner of SGR and Upper Tollington but he had a vision that one day in the far future there would open a place called Vagabonds.  This vision was probably brought about as a result of the numerous people hanging round benches drinking what he thought was meade and as it was the early 70s there was  a lot mind expanding going on.

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    Recorded in 1973. Wow. What was it like round here then? Anyone here from th times? Was Tesco here? Any pics? Chapter one? Chang

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